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  1. Dance/funky house in New York?

    you play PACHA?! that is awesome! been to pacha in ibiza twice and when it guested in london (cant rememebr which club). hat off to deepsee!
  2. Dance/funky house in New York?

    deepsee that is awesome info cheers! will deffo check out your night when i'm there!
  3. Dance/funky house in New York?

    no way! deepsee is a dj? where do you play deepsee?
  4. Dance/funky house in New York?

    i'm keen to see any touring dj's if there are any on during the 2 weeks i'm there, but i think even better would be if you can recommend some local talent at clubs that aren't gonna be in the guidebooks! thanks deepsee!!!
  5. Dance/funky house in New York?

    thanks v much silverbull! gonna have a look into them and whats on there before i get to NY!
  6. Dance/funky house in New York?

    thanks chanman - just saw him at turnmills in london last weekend and he was awesome! that should be a good night. wouldnt personally called ferry funky house but love his tracks! anyone got any other recommendations for clubs in NY?
  7. Hi All I'm heading to New York from London from Weds 8th to Weds 22nd November and want to sample some of the club scene. I'm an eclectic dance and funky house fan: van Helden, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Oakenfold, Rogue Traders (!), David Guetta, Tiesto etc. Can anyone recommend some good places to hit while I'm there? Thanks v much! Mark