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  1. Black Fridays presents DJ BORIS (Crobar NYC) 12/1

    settle down Brian Boitano!
  2. Black Fridays presents DJ GERA (NYC)

    you are confusing the nights....50 people brotha? You must have been at another club in hartford...Joe Blacks has never been below 700 at the door, and last night over 1000 for the crazy russian.. the R&B djs were fired we heard! haha
  3. Black Fridays presents DJ GERA (NYC)

    maybe they booked Blink 182 for a "special DJ set" LOL i doubt it too.....so far just no names DJs
  4. the laser was $4 at spencers gifts.......jokes on you baby! "E" hehe.........leave that to the "originators" ; ) -Partaaaay Dirtaaaay
  5. Joe Blacks Is Haunted!..

    It was me.......you gypsies. I came for to see new superclub with pleasure! -Borat
  6. Friday October 20th: Dirty Superstars

    i thought this night was about DJ kered and his exclusive residency? why are there guest DJs?
  7. jimmy - to address both posts from you and your alter ego, Durgy, this room is in the major leagues. Lighting, sound (16 subs), and 2 DJ booths, about 40 foot ceilings, and 1200 capacity along with a VIP upstairs that also holds 100 more.....total of 1300. Call it a banquet hall, mess hall, nightclub...call it a sound cave i dont care, its beyond insane. ciao!
  8. Hartford: Friday October 6th Grand Opening Night of DIRTY

    chazde striekes again!
  9. DJ PETE THA ZOUK Friday 10/6 @ Hilton

    George Lucas himself altered all of our older, non house fans to look like young, hotties in the pictures. You caught us out! May the force be with you!
  10. DJ PETE THA ZOUK Friday 10/6 @ Hilton

    love ya Derek.....best of luck heres the pics of the misfits: YourHartford.com