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  1. they are not expensive at all. $50 bones for 3 hour open bar, comp food for an hour, and serving until 6am. we will also be serving breakfast. let me know if you need tix.
  2. how much do barbacks make on avg?

    weekdays do not exist at clubs. if you can get in at a lounge or "bar" it could be just as good as a weekend if they have busy week nights.
  3. how much do barbacks make on avg?

    barbacks do ok on some nights but it truely is shit work. you have to look at it as a stepping stone to slingin drinks. in my experience at the places i have worked the average is $150-200 a night.
  4. Here we go again- Tsettos will be in the house on Friday. If you missed him last time make sure you get there this week. Is there a better way to escape the stresses of the holiday session then rockin with the Perle crew and Tsettos. Don't forget about New Years at Perle!
  5. Tiestoooooo @ ABYSS - Friday December 8th !

    how was the music? did Tiesto rock out or what? i saw him spin in Denver a few years ago and he killed it. was he feeling us b/c if it isn't the summer time, Jersey doesn't represent house too strong.
  6. this is the best deal in NJ. 3 good DJs and an awesome drink special that cannot be missed.
  7. there isn't much that needs to be said about Tssettos at Prive. if anyone needs guset list, table reservations, etc let me know ASAP so we garuntee you receive these priveleges. see everyone on Friday.
  8. Vote for your Heismen!!!

    listen muscles...... you don't know anything.
  9. Vote for your Heismen!!!

    JB, be careful calling the Big East a joke. WVU shit on Georgia ( an SEC team ) in thier BCS game last year. now i am a big Rutgers fan and like the way they are playing this year but don't see them going undefeated. what i do see that is more exciting is the making of what could be a football powerhouse. with all teh talent that escapes NJ to other big programs maybe the past two seasons will get other kids to seriously consider Rutgers. in the meantime i will be there cheering for them on Sunday against UCONN and Thurs night when Lousville comes to town. side note, Rutgers has one of teh top defenses in the country and Rice is in the top ten in rushing.
  10. Exacta last nite @ Prive

    glad to see folks had a good time. i thought exacta did well but Sege still sits on top. Tsettos! he might break it down though.
  11. Pacha Resident DJ Exacta Fri @ Prive'

    Exacta WILL be dope. for those who missed Serge, the bar has been set for the House music scene in Central Jersey. come see if Exacta raises it. advanced tix are avaliable through many people including myself. send me a message if you ned more info. when you get there check me out behind the bar to ensure an excellent time. looking foward to seeing everyone rock out with us Friday at Prive.
  12. Prive last night

    big thanks to everyone who came out to Prive Friday for Sege. he killed it! the crowd was right and every face i saw was wearing a smile. i am glad you had a good time. for those of you who didn't make it this week be sure to check out Exacta later this month and Oscar G in November. please make it a point to visit us when our resident DJ R.Smooth is on the tables, he does a good job. see ya soon.
  13. Serge Devant @ Prive, Fri 10/6

    play nice kids. everyone knows the score for Prive on Friday. come check out the newest edition to the night/club scene, be enmtertained by one of the best djs in the game, look good, come prepared and enjoy. and we can talk shit later.
  14. Serge Devant @ Prive, Fri 10/6

    i would like to point out that the Hype has said only honest and for the most part postive things on behalf of Prive. Thank you. i am not a promoter for Prive. i am an employee who only benefits from people having a good time. for the folks who come in and leave immediately i reap no reward. plus, i just want to have a good time while i am there which is why i try to promote the spot and the night i work. so while yes, some of us are new you should make it a point ot see why we all joined in the first place and visit Prive and Glo to decide for yourself. " Party like a Rockstar" njguido.com
  15. Last friday @ Prive

    with every new beginning is another beginnings end. as said above, the only similarity between Platinum and Prive is the location. the energy, enviroment, crowd and attention to detail is the new appeal. the friday night party may not be or everyone. if you are looking for a more pop/ hip hop mash up genre visit on Thursday or Saturday when Rizz or Vic Latino perform. otherwise, please limit your comments to constructive factual accounts of the establishment. IF IT"S PERSONAL KEEP IT THAT WAY. Peace.