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  1. Random Thoughts #3

    muahahahaha....long time no see [sniff.] darkangel1977, you never call. You never write. Is it me? Is there someone else? According to our records, you haven't posted in several weeks. Please post. Please call. I miss you.
  2. Sick People...

  3. why are parents so stressful

    hang in there...you got what, 8 more days till you go away...
  4. Sick People...

    I hope you don't let your roommate cook for you....get a new roommate...the current one has Hepatites writen all over it...
  5. Sick People...

    it would help, but just think about the ventilation in the buildings that just recirculates the air, i.e. the viruses and all kinds of other shit...sick people should just stay the fuck home...my question is, what about the ones that don't wash their hands after using the washrooms?...in my mind they are sick too but you don't see it, at least you can keep your distance from the sick ones.
  6. Laundry joke

    A newlywed husband initiated sexual activity with his bride every night by turning to her and asking if she "would like to do the laundry". One night after more than a year, she replies in the negative for the first time, pleading a headache. In the morning, feeling quite guilty over her failure to meet her husbands needs, she asks him if he "would like to do the laundry" to which he replies: "No thanks, it was a small load, I did it by hand"
  7. Attn: DarkAngel1977

    there you go....imagine if I didn't sign up....you would've never had the Thread Of the Year....
  8. Attn: DarkAngel1977

  9. Attn: DarkAngel1977

    actually...none of you can read....and i don't live in Miami either....
  10. Attn: DarkAngel1977

    first off...if you could fucking read...your quote from the other board is not mine...notice the difference...darkangel vs darkangel1977... second...i hate candy.... third...thank you for the Attn....now read my signature...
  11. Attn: S T Y M I E

    how else would you get to 18000 posts...lol
  12. Officer claims wife put pot in meatballs

    there will be no complaints here....
  13. ~UpComing Vacations~

    its novemver 4 you can stop bouncing now, and....
  14. Random Thoughts #3

    i love to let people think they outsmarted me....and than I turn around and throw it all in their face.
  15. ~UpComing Vacations~

    Cocoplum Beach Hotel , San Andres its the most beautiful place...been there twice before....