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  1. MDW Reviews?

    Mostly house/jungle beats when I was their stillrollin Anything would be hoppin fri Devin- IF you are their on thur, I know Voodoo lounge atop the Rio is a great time on thursdays. We were going to do Playboy/Moon at the Palms friday, but ended up at Tao.
  2. MDW Reviews?

    Inside Tao, their was not much room to do much or even get a drink unless you had a table. I made my rounds around the rooms just to check it out because it was my first time their. The ladies in the bathtubs were a nice touch I must say. We headed up the stairs to Tao Beach (outside) where their was some room and even some couch seating around the bar that you did not have to have table service for. So for dancing or walking around, Tao Beach was better for that. You have to walk a little bit to the end of the pool for the restrooms and as usual they put like 3 stalls in their for all those people. So just head for the bathroom before you really have to go LOL! Here is a youtube video of Tao Beach during the day. http://youtube.com/watch?v=eSb3AHhQz64 shot of Cherry outside http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p291/scott7414/red_rock120pool1.jpg Too Short at Rehab http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p291/scott7414/DSC00375.jpg
  3. MDW Reviews?

    Yeah, to much house for me at Rehab, would have enjoyed some more hip hop but here is my review. Got in Fri night at the Hard Rock of course with a pool view room. Had a couple of first timers with me so they were in shock from the get go. Checked in the room then headed downstairs to fill our stomachs up for the night with some Pink Taco and a couple of drinks. Showered up and then 5 of us headed up to Tao for the night. As we got their, the line was rediculous. I made my way to the back of the line to talk to the guys in black to let them know that I was on a guest list. 2 girls and 3 guys. After about 10 minutes , one of the guys comes back and tells the other guy that he has authourization to let us in. They guard the place like its Fort Knock's, Its kind of amusing LOL! They end up comping the ladies in and the guys had to pay the cover $40 and then dude tells the guys that we have to tuck our shirts in. I went from styling to geekin it for a few minutes, till I got inside and untucked it. It was too crowed on the inside so we made our way to Tao Beach for the night. It was nice out their with alot more room to mingle and easy to get a drink. My one buddy ended up going back early cause a waiter spilled a purple drink on his white shirt haha! He was pretty pissed, but for $7, they got it out over at the HR. Closed that down and headed to Lucky's for some chicken nacho's. Those things rock. Saturday. After a few hours sleep, got up and headed to the pool Saturday. It was like a mini Rehab. The girls were starting to flock in. Then I had the bright idea to start charging drinks to my room. Every time I turned around, I was signigh a $60 to $80 receipt. Left the pool and got ready to go out for the night, already buzzed pretty good (judging by my buddy running down the hallway naked , banging on the wall sconce symbols, fucking halarious as the maids were pointing and laughing at him. We get ready, hit Lucky's again and head to Cherry at the Red Rock. We get their, and my 290lb buddy tells the door guy " Hey I play for the KC Chiefs #91, can you help us out" so the door guy pulls back the rope and lets 7 of us in free of charge, funny as hell. By the time I get a drink, I look over and he is slapping hands with K Fed in a private booth, he must have fead him the same line. Cherry was cool, good atmosphere and the sound system will shake your fucking insides. We hung out outside by the pool for a while which was also pretty sweet, cabannas, couches and another bar. Sweet setup. Left their hammered to get a couple hours sleep for Rehab. Sun - three hours sleep , woke up and popped a couple tylenol, headed down to get out wrist bands and then over to lucky's for some breakfast. Walk into Rehab and my buddy's that have never been were in awe. Top quality women everywhere, it was insane, saw T.O walk in and Jamie Fox. Took a while to get drinks and I also did not care for the D.J but it was still a good time. Closed down Rehab and once again got showered and dressed and headed to Harrah's for a steak, headed back to HR and let me tell you, the quality just inside the casino that night was unreal. Hung out their the rest of the night, center bar ect..... and then of course Lucky's chicken nacho's again. Mon- wake up hung over again but after hearing the music start thumping from my room again, we just could not resist. Some guy finds us in the pool that has been coming around us all weekend cause my buddy told him that he played for the Chiefs too. He says "where were you guys yesterday, I greased the guy at the stairs $40 to get up to the cabanna's to look for ya and I did not see ya". So my buddy says "oh Tony did not make it ( meaning Tony Gonzalez), his aunt got sick". I could barley control my laughter. I told him he has to stop, your starting to cost people money. Relax was cool, all 10 in our group were down their partying for our last day. The only thing that sucked was that their was some guy standing on a bed all day and some people in that area kept getting in fights. I think that dude smoked one of the staff and they shut it down early. The DJ's were better than Sun but still not enough hip hop for me. Left their, showered up and headed to Voodoo lounge. Wanted to hit Jet but did not want to chance it standing in line all night. One of my buds is a Diamond member so they let us all in free their. Was not really hoppin but we still had a good time. Those Which Doctor drinks will rock your shit, 15 different shots of rum and a bunch of juices with a block of dry ice to make you look cool with a smokin drink I guess. My wife was down gambling while we were partying, I go down to meet her and she hits 400 on a slot to put a nice cap on the night. Tues- wake up , get a late checkout, eat some Pink Taco again and head out to the pool area to have one last drink and recap our weekend. We will all be making this an annual trip. Well , that caps my MDW review, Peace!
  4. My vegas review 5-10 to 5-14--- OMFGGGGGG

    Here is a link that someone posted on youtube of Tao Beach , to give you a idea of how it lookshttp://youtube.com/watch?v=eSb3AHhQz64
  5. I just booked Mem day

    Your a funny guy xlr lol!
  6. I just booked Mem day

    cool! One of my buds is also saying at Palm wed and thur, then meeting me over at the Hard Rock for fri thru tues. Going to be rediculous that weekend.
  7. I just booked Mem day

    What Hotel?
  8. Monday of mem day weekend

    Hey Mike, i'm staying friday to tuesday that weekend. I thought about coming in thurs and leaving monday also but i figured something would be going on with it being a holiday. I think the pool will be hoppin that day also. My buddy is doing thur to tues, he want's to do Voodoo Thur night. Got me wanting to switch now. Only thing i am waiting on is my flight, southwest won't move thier schedule up, only goes up to may 10th righ now. Peace, see ya their.
  9. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    . Keep bragging about being cracked out for 72 hours. You are makeing yourself look real good here. Matter of fact, why don't you start a poll here to see how many people care how many years straight you have been to vegas and how cracked out you get. If you read my post, it says " I did not want to stay out all night saturday so that I could make it to rehab early sunday basically. All night meaning 9:00 a.m. Maybe you should check out a different Rehab. You were way out of line with your first comment that started this. Maybe you were haveing a bad day, I don't know? Anyway Mike, I am not going to keep sitting here argueing with you. I don't know if you are just trying to be a jokester or what but your not going to do it at my expense. Peace out! Water under the bridge.
  10. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    No buddy, maybe vegas isn't the place for you ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  11. Feb 23-26

    Ed, you are making me jealous, twice this year already, I have to wait till May.
  12. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    I here ya ed. We are trying to figure out how we are going to do it this year. Last year i remember feeling like total crap everyday. The second night their, I did not even make it out till midnight and started out with coffee. Once we hit a club, it was on again and then i felt even worse the next day. You get so wrapped up in that atmosphere that nothing matters. It is going to be really hard to take it easy Sat night this year on memorial weekend so i can arrive early for Rehab (sunday) and ejoy it. If anyone has any really good hangover remedies, let me know. seriously. I stay in pretty good shape and do not drink that often but when i get out their , It's on.
  13. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    Hey Ed, how the hell did you remember all of that? When I was their last august I forgot half the stuff I did the night before . Well I do remember but it was vague. LOL Anyway, thanks for the review. I am coming out for Memorial Weekend this year and planned on hitting the two clubs that you mentioned.
  14. Rehab opening '07

    Hey Epope, did you take your PM away, Pm me an email or something to get ahold of you.
  15. Rehab opening '07

    I am already booked for Memorial Weekend. It's going to be off the hizzy for shizzy. Will their also be a big party after rehab ( sunday) on Monday for memorial day. I know they have that relax thing on Mondays but was wondering how Memorial day compares to the actual Rehab on Sunday. Also, how hard will it be to get in clubs that weekend. I got a group of about 8 going. I talked it up for everyone to go that weekend and did not want everyone to be dissappointed standing in line forever to get in the clubs.