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  1. Random Thoughts #3

    is that a place, a person, or another kind of noun?
  2. Random Thoughts #3

    i havent been laid in almost 6 months
  3. Never made it to the news?

    unfortunately, in the United States, crimes like these happen all the time....the crimes are reported on local news only....if there was a scandal or any doubt about the guilt of the criminals, then maybe this might make national headlines....but since its a cut and dry, open and shut case, it means little to the media
  4. ..maxim Hot 100...

    damn you! now the UB40 version is stuck in my head!
  5. ..maxim Hot 100...

    Kate Beckinsale!
  6. optical illusion

    12, including the smiling black guy in the back row
  7. Random Thoughts #3

    I'm very horny, but thats not news
  8. anyone going?

    i bought a weekend pass
  9. So does anybody here have any strange fetishes ???

    you dont want to know
  10. 19 hours of torture

  11. anyone going?

    god you guys are pricks
  12. Detroit Party! Free

    what kind of music do the listed DJs play?
  13. Random Thoughts #3

    well, lets say shes above the age of consent and the age to buy alcohol
  14. Random Thoughts #3

    is drunken consent still consent?