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  1. You stupid fucking Croatian piece of shit.....
  2. :getdown:
  3. Well, does anyone have pics? I just love to bash her, so that I can further conceal my insecurities about my Philipino mail-order bride fetish.
  4. Grace is half-Philipino, half-French. And she's more American than anyone on this board.
  5. The purple heart for that scratch he got was legit. And Hevesi was a great state comptroller, even though he used a 100 grand of state funds for his wife's limo service - "no biggie"!
  6. Fuck you headpusher. George W. is the sole cause of global warming.
  7. I can't wait to throw away some more of Grace's haircut money at the Aqueduct tonight!
  8. I have to agree on both parts. However, what's even better is combining the two, such as listening to "Komodo" while pounding away at poor Mrs. F.
  9. Ugh, the Final Four is so uncouth, plebian and unhip.
  10. Fuck YeSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I love doing motherfucking cleans! Load up the plates!
  11. I get all my info from the unbiased NY Times.
  12. I miss the days you actually provided intelligent conversation instead of rambling about your weekend plans with Slydem or Spragga.
  13. A new friend?
  14. MySpace is a public site.