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  1. avalon closed.......for good?

    Oh dear, so you're so called 'friends' are 'fucks' interesting, on top of that they made it to AC being while being unable to afford a computer or be educated? Interesting I must say. Uneducated, poor yet able to go to AC for a weekend and party AND your friends..? I'm sure they'd love to hear your true opinion of them.

    As a note: Even though a liquor license may be expired, once the venue starts application process has been started the establishment is granted an extension on the currently license. (Thus why I never accused Pacha of losing its license merely pointing out the NY SLA site was not a valid source of information) Then if you can show other clubs that have liquor licenses expired that are functioning, I DO NOT want to get into a pissing match with pacha, don't direct it at them Show it on nightclubs as a whole. I do not believe in stooping to their level so please fix this.

    Whatever you wish to believe is your deal, I'm not going to bother getting into a posting war with you. Show something definite that Avalon is closed instead of skirting the subject.
  4. avalon closed.......for good?

    Please by all means have your 'friends who bounce' come post confirming that Avalon is closed then. Or better yet why don't you simply come to the club and see for yourself the truth that it is indeed open.

    Nice to see you can merely throw meaningless comments out. Lets see you state something that has a semblance of truth and validity to it instead of spewing comments of no relevance.
  6. avalon closed.......for good?

    Except Avalon wasn't shut down. Court proceedings and such are legal please provide proof that avalon was served notice to shut down and won't be open. I've been at Avalon Thursday and yesterday both days open. Today they are open again though for a reggaeton party. Why do you care so much if they are open or not if you are not even going? Anyhow like I said provide proof of a legal notice that Avalon is shut down (And explain why than they are currently operating) or stop spreading rumor.
  7. I've already posted a thread on this and also posted a rebuttal to the avalon closing thread about liquor license issues (Short answer is ignore the bullshit going around, Pachas own license 'expired' 10/31/2007 according to the NY SLA site). All tickets will be honored including Open Bar tickets. If you did not have your ticket mailed to you (Chose to pick up) you will be able to pick up your ticket at the cashier from the Willcall list. Please bring your ID and Credit Card used. In response to the question about 1AM Tickets - Yes you will need to wait until 1AM. -Ali Khan AreaEvent
  8. To put the BS to rest Avalon is open for New Years! I have been to the meetings myself with DiMatteo, Brian and Avalon management. The Liquor license is nonsense as well they do not loose their license at 1AM as certain people might be claiming. Anyone trying to refer you to the NY SLA Website is also dead wrong. If you use the NY SLA Website as an official source than you are simply foolish. Take a look at Pachas own records they have not had a liquor license since the end of October according to the site (Link and screen shot at end of post). Anyone with questions or still hesitant to come email me at [email protected] or [email protected] (I check up my gmail more often). If you wish to buy tickets for Danny Tenaglia who will be spinning at Avalon visit www.newyears.com or www.areaevent.com for tables or standard tickets. Dont' believe the hype or bullshit being posted. Avalons been open. For those reggaeton lovers Don Omar is performing there tonight for those who want to see with their own eyes that Avalon is indeed open. Direct link to Pachas license for comparison. http://www.abc.state.ny.us/servlet/ApplicationServlet?pageName=com.ibm.nysla.data.publicquery.PublicQuerySuccessfulResultsPage&validated=true&serialNumber=1158822&licenseType=CR Belows a screenshot i took for the lazy of Pachas.
  9. avalon closed.......for good?

    -Sigh- Lets compare Pacha why don't we. Oh Looik! They expired on 10/31/207 OH MY GOD THAT MEANS NO LIQUOR?! Wait! Its december! Hmm like we should take at face value a website thats not even kept up to date. Yes thank you very much for false hysteria. http://www.abc.state.ny.us/servlet/ApplicationServlet?pageName=com.ibm.nysla.data.publicquery.PublicQuerySuccessfulResultsPage&validated=true&serialNumber=1158822&licenseType=CR