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  1. Top 50 clubs (voted by dj's)

    I second that, very hardcore.
  2. Great night silverbull! It seems to me as though you and your crew are growing in popularity after last night, which is good because I greatly enjoy the nights that you put together. I especially enjoy Lola's sets, don't ask me why. Congrats and keep it up! SebLG
  3. lol admittedly that's a really funny way to phrase it ... but bollocks nonetheless.
  4. Cielo. Botlle service, yes, but it's not blatant and they are not snobs. The music is incomparable. Also, I think that even Brooks wouldd like it there.
  5. But it's all made shit because of the American english. In England, where they actually take pride in their language, which is indeed, english, they don't call what the American's speak english. They call it American ... it all comes down to culture.
  6. Third ... on the surface at least. Don't get me wrong, I have found good things here as well, but in general I hate the US "culture".
  7. How is it not computerjockey? He just get's so fired up.
  8. And a great deal of you should be ... it's the way that many American's raise their children. The other day I saw some highschool kids throwing rubbish at a homeless lady, I thought "how American". I mean who the fuck does that? The other night I got attacked by a group of 10-20 hispanic dudes on my way home from dinner for being a "white piece of shit". Who the fuck does that?
  9. Haha so a guido is pretty much exactly like a wog in australia. Wogs are dumbass, ethnic footy players who drive fully sick skylines, have poor grammar and spiky hair etc ... I guess i'll have to agree with brooks on the "complete waste of life" aspect this time around.
  10. So describe to me what exactly makes somebody a Guido? It's not a term heard commonly outside of the states I don't think.
  11. Thats heaps awesome ... I can't believe that there would be restrictions on even dancing in New York! I had no idea there was a law like that ... anywhere ... i'm learning or at least am getting the impression that the law is so opressive in NY, bollocks I say. And worst of all sayign that dance is NOT expressive!! It's a goddamn performing art, whether it's ballet or break dancing! Anyway i'm just ranting, i'll be there! Not because i'm a good dancer but because I like to watch.
  12. Drum & Bass

    Haha yeah probably, i was the heaps preppy kid feeling a little out of place, but having fun nonetheless. I'll definately be back for another camouflage at some stage.
  13. Drum & Bass

    haha I saw a few of those sex, drugs and d&b tags around like on somebody's shirt I think. Love it.
  14. Drum & Bass

    Yeah I did go the D&B room was good fun, i'd probably go again. I left at about 3.00 i think, thats around abouts when the place emptied out. haha i'm from long island aswell but I always come in and stay on the west side with friends, so that's all i know really, all the way down where sin sin is though it dosn't really make a difference. Thanks for telling me about the night!
  15. Drum & Bass

    Yeah sweet, I wasn't intending on going out tonight so as to save myself for roots at Cielo, but i'll check it out! lol but we'll see if I can find it first, so far I have only ever sbeen on the west ide, pretty much just following the number 1 line up and down Manhattan. The EAST side!? mmmm scary haha.