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  1. Junior Vasquez

    What's up Donald M? Let me introduce myself my name is John Anthony Ryan....I'm Junior's boyfriend over three years. Every once and a while I like to read these message boards just to get a feel of how people felt about whatever party. And u have been on this board for years sounding like you want my boyfriends dick in your mouth so bad that u cant stand...he is all u think about. I'm flattered! I know it must be rough for you u and the only way u can express your fustration is to hide behind this message board and try to read him. I will be the first to admit maybe two years ago u had a point. But know that with my help we got that evil, tired, jealous, blood-sucking manager out of his life and I guess I scared him enough to get him to flee the country...Junior is playing better than I have ever heard him play...better than twilo....He is happy and inspired and sexy as hell I have to say. So u keep living for him because he is definetly someone worth living for. I want to say thanks to everyone else who has supported on this board and through the years....he may have been in a bad place for a while, but u guys all know by hearing the way he has been playing why he is and always while be the best. In conclusion, Donald M (I guess you did you research on your obsession before picking that username) if you ever want to chat in person come to a party. Ill talk to you like I talked to that ex-manager of his and we all know how that ended up. This is my first and last post, but to everyone else keep up the support and come say hi to me at the parties. Peace and love, John
  2. JUNYA then VC last SAT....HOLY SHIT!!!!

    I totally agree with you he did miss a great party....But he was at just as good of a party so he will be ok.
  3. I went to JUNYA and Then to Victor and thought they were both AMAZING. I will GIVE JUNYA 4 STARS and VICTOR 3.75 stars. WAS probably one of the best nights of MUSIC I have experienced in a LOOOOOOng time. IT does not get much better than that. Thanks Mr. V and Mr. C you were off the HOOK!
  4. DonALD M what is your deal...I'm a so sick of people who hide behind message boards to BASH others just because they are so MISERABLE and have to make themselves feel better by hiding behind a scream name and talking so much Bullshit!!!! I would love to know what you do with your life because let's not forget that JUNYA has worked with basically every famous recording artist of today like Madonna, Britney, Elton, Cher, and the list continues to grow. He has also musically directed runway show's for Versace and Dolce and Gabanna. And he continues to travel all over the world because he is a master at his craft...SO dude let It go already.
  5. Junior Vasquez

    First of all that's Bullshit....jr had a huge crowd at all his big events last year....muscle boys and skinny queens and pussy's like you who love to talk shit on message boards about a man who has inspired most of the parties today (say what you want but look at VC comments about JR on the you tube documentary). Second of all come 2 JR's RED party at PACHA and I guarantee you it will be the best night of music u will hear this year.....Finally, can the man live already? Get off his dick and go hang with your girlfriends Gina and Tina and werk your cha cha heals at Alergria and come back right a review of that party...but we don't need 2 hear how it was good and JR is bad....By the although u talk shit all u do is keep him the most famous DJ on the planet whether u say good things or bad....cause if I ask my mother have u heard of JV she will say yea...but if I ask her if u hear if JP, DT, VC, AB, etc...she will say, "who the fuck is that"?....That's all enjoy your holiday....and say hello to the guuurls 4 me
  6. Junior Vasquez

    So how at the white party this year 4 thanksgiving everyone said his party was the best of the weekend.......he went through a couple of years with drug issues were he didn't play well....but if you hear him lately u will be blown away....
  7. Junior Vasquez

    Yawn?????????????? You are entitled to your opinion....However....u need to bow down and show some respect to the man who inspired Jonathan Peters, Boris, Victor Calderone, Peter Rauhofer, and countless other DJ's to become a DJ.....Ask Victor Calderone why he wanted to become a DJ and especially why he wanted to have a mixed (gay and straight afterhours crowd)........cause he wanted to be Junior Vasquez.....So please hunny...don't get it TWISTED....