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  1. I am looking for suggestions about good places to apply for a bartending position in Manhattan. I just relocated to this area last Friday (Jan 19), and have no idea where to begin. I don't care for a pretentious environment, and would prefer something laid back. I have mainly tended bar in dance clubs; however, I would also enjoy working in more of a personable atmosphere. Either one would be great. I love live music; rap, not so much, but I can deal; "regulars" at any place is always wonderful; working in a gay friendly atmosphere has proven the most fun for me in the past (where I worked was mainly gay men); vulgarity is a serious turnoff, but if it is a must, I have experience working in places like that. If you have suggestions, please be specific. Remember I just moved here and the more information you give me the better off I will be. I appreciate you taking time to read this, and any suggestions you may have to offer!