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  1. You see that computerjerkoff, that's how you speak to abrooksbro and myself. I will now be addressed by His Superior Highness, or God.
  2. People like abrooksbro and myself are better than you lepers.
  3. Why did you even come back here? It's fairly obvious no one on this planet likes you. You wear make-up and pick up 13 year olds on myspace. I'm sure we'll see you with Chris Hanson on the next "To Catch a Predator."
  4. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    This other moron you are referring to...would that be me?
  5. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    insignifcant = insignificant. Sorry I'm busy trying to cure cancer here.
  6. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    I guess we stepped over the line by using an 8 grade+ vocabulary, it looks like our friends have given up their insignifcant plight.
  7. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    If you wish to convey a pause the correct number of periods to be used is 3. subhuman like should be hyphenated. And I believe "your right" should be you're right. Get it right primate.
  8. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    Is that all your primitive intellect will let you squeak out?
  9. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    If I were living in a dream world, pieces of shit like you wouldn't have access to computers. You and all the other pieces of trash that collect welfare are a drag on this economy. You and youre kind are the goddamn reason that the Euro is worth more than the dollar. Do you even know what a Euro is?
  10. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    What's disturbing is that you are alive. Go back to Armani|Exchange and buy yourself a new outfit you goddamn peasant. Then on your way back to your box, pick up a grammar book and learn to use conversational English.
  11. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    He thought I would be amused as to the level of intelligence that hasn't been Darwin'd out of existence this long after the Ice Age.
  12. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    We ran into each other at Dorsia a few years back, and due to our similar outlooks on life and financial situations we enjoyed bashing lower beings than ourselves, drinking to excess, and getting laid by the finest women the city has to offer.
  13. Attn:abrooksbro!! (all read) :)

    It's amazing to me that you are even alive Carmine. Do you speak in the same manner with which you type? If you do, I'm sure you'll be on the street begging for change very soon. You sound like an annoying 12 year old that just discovered the internet. You say you are going to acheive a Master's Degree, but let's be honest here...University of Phoenix online certainly does not count. Money does not make us better than you, it merely ensures we will never EVER run into you pieces of garbage at any venue we frequent.