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  1. Tao Beach lineup for the weekend - anyone special

    i never been to sunset session i always go sat day and it is awesome...picture a really upscale lounge but outside, its not like a rehab party that is madness.....and i will be there labor day weekend so if you are a hot girl lol send me a pic and you can come with me and my boys lolol
  2. Tao Beach lineup for the weekend - anyone special

    my boy works at tao beach...mad hard to get into.....if u dont have hot girls with you dont bother going
  3. Labor Day in Vegas

    i been there mdw and ldw for the last 3 years in a row lol....they should of got dubfire instead imo
  4. Labor Day in Vegas

    who is spinning @ rehab
  5. Lax?

    so whats the deal with this...heard it opens labor day weekend?
  6. Tao Beach

    they dont charge a cover. even if u stay there it doesnt garente u get in but if u are going there let me know my boy runs it
  7. MDW Reviews?

    TAO BEACH!!!...OMG!!!!!...all 9's and 10's...that place is awesome
  8. how is moon?

    i was thinking about Sat night....here is my game plan friday - hard rock pool friday night - pure for AM sat day - Tao Beach sat night - moon i think or maybe tao or tyrst sun - rehab sun night - body english mon - relax party mon night - jet
  9. how is moon?

    me and my boys wanna check it out....any thoughts or reviews?
  10. My vegas review 5-10 to 5-14--- OMFGGGGGG

    ok i sent u a PM with sum info, maybe u can help me out
  11. My vegas review 5-10 to 5-14--- OMFGGGGGG

    yeah travis is the man lolol..... i met him at empire last year and chilled with him the entire weekend and everytime i come to vegas we chill and he would take care of me at jet, but now he is at tao......ill ask him him about u maybe give u sum business for mdw lololol
  12. My vegas review 5-10 to 5-14--- OMFGGGGGG

    what does Tao beach look like my boy travis is the mood director their....but i cant find pics of the set up
  13. Rehab cabanas

    very true
  14. So... who hit up the Rehab opening?

    WOW..that sounded amazing!!!