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  1. Tao Beach

    hey man - glad to hear you liked it! just curious though, howd you get in? was there a line? who was DJing? lotta hotties with no top on?!?! lol
  2. My vegas review 5-10 to 5-14--- OMFGGGGGG

    lol i know right? however, winning "big" is all relative, i only turned $60 into 400 which is pretty big for me since I just got out of college... everyone else lost big (except 1 other) and they didn't want to spend any money... the line was moving very fast for vegas standards the first 30 mins but then it just completely stopped right when we were almost inside and by that point no one wanted to pay b/c we were so close to getting in glad you guys liked the report!
  3. First of all, thank you to everyone who helped me out in the other thread. Thurs- get in around 1pm, check into the Monte Carlo. Went straight to the roulette table, we all bet on black b/c if we hit our first bet we knew it would be a good trip... landed on black 13. Good start. Went to the pool for about a hour. The pool area was really nice: good music (downtempo trance), lots of hot women, and lots of people partying. Everyone was really friendly here. Had a group of girls yell "we're single" to us lol. went to the paris casino and got some liquor (fucking expensive, 750ml was $20 for jack. Went to the paris buffet for ~ 27$ i think. I hate a fuck load of food b/c I have been cutting bodyfat as of late and had a really strict diet. I seriously ha=d over 6 plates of food. Overall the buffet was good for Vegas standards (the bellagio is much better IMO). The lamb/seafood/dessert was to die for. I nearly threw up afterwards b/c my body wasn't used to all that food in such a long time. I was dizzy for a while but managed to regain my composure. Back to the Monte and changed for TAO. We get in line at Tao at around 950 (i think) and are like 30th in line (all guys ahead of us). Near 1015 a bouncer comes up to all the guys in line and says "if you don't have girls you're not getting in. You might want to try back at around 2:30." It's just me and a guy friend at this point (all our other friends are gambling and thought they could just get in later) and we spot 5 girls walking by (3 were drop dead fucking gorgeous) and we wave them over and say to the bouncer "our party just arrived" and as the girls join us in line the bouncer gives us this head nod that was out of a fucking movie. It was fucking hilarious. Anyways, we get in, the place is really cool, very crowded, tiny ass dance floor, but we had an amazing time. Only bad thing was if you walk near the railings by the dancefloor you better be lightly jogging by b/c security will tell you to "keep moving" which got really annoying. this is getting long so I'll just be brief (I can go into more detail if you want, just ask) FRI- gambled some at the monte carlo, went to forum shops at caesars which I always love doing. Saw Pete Rose signing autographs and we heckled him some b/c I fucking hate him. Ate lunch at the pannini/pizza place by FAO shorts... $7 for fruit cup, $9 for a fucking pannini... oops monte carlo pool again, same thing/scene, 100 fucking degrees though! went to MGM and ate at spago's. fish here was first rate. Got ugly sticks at NYNY (tradition), which is always worth the price. changed went to wynn (I love this casino, only good things have happened to me here), checked out friends room which was fucking sick @ $600/night. Played black jack, we all got on a huge roll and won a fuckload! The waitress was very nice to us and kept coming by for drinks. Got free passes from the pit boss to tryst since thats where we were going. go to tryst at like 945, huge line, I couldn't even see the entrance. VIP line is moving quick though. The girls in the VIP line were amazingly hot. Saw Tom Hanks and his entourage leaving. I talked to a bouncer that was in charge of the VIP line and tried to work my way past the line. I thought he really like me and he went and talked to the head bouncer for a while (as in i thought he was really trying to help me but i really have no clue if it was or not) and he said " with 7 guys the best I can do is 30$ per person to skip the line but you all still have to pay cover." Not everyone wants to do this (they haven't been to a mega club like tryst and thought if they just waited a few more mins we'd get in) so we wait in line... till like 1245 and this is after like 30 or so people leave the line... including all my friends but 2 lol. we are pretty mad once we are finally let in b/c we had to wait so long but once we saw the waterfall and the dancefloor going nuts everything changed. Overall tryst was great and I had one of the best nights i've ever had here. Great great crowd. Saw people doing drugs, a huge fight, dennis rodman, lots of stupid hot girls, great dancing, etc etc at like 4-5am (no idea what was going on at this point) we were going back to the hotel but on the way I remember you guys mentioning drais so we stopped by. We met up with friends but we were all too drunk to get in, and once we saw a lot of the same bouncers from tryst we lost it. The bouncers threatened to kick us out lol. SAT - checked into the venetian... was expecting a regular room but somehow we got a suite (we went to the venetian b/c it was somehow cheaper than the monte carlo on sat night). The room was off the fucking chain. 2 huge tv's, giant bathroom, living room, etc. Now that we have all slept 6 hrs in the past 2 days we go straight to the pool. I REALLY REALLY wanted to go to TAO BEACH so me/a buddy went. I was really nervous b/c all you guys said there would be no way we'd get in without girls (which I recruited the night before but wanted to try to get in without them incase this place was crazy) or paying a lot of money. The venetian pool kills the monte carlo pool. It felt like i was in a movie. We walk up to tao beach which is in the far corner of the pool, very inconspicuous and there was about 15 people in line. We went straight to the host and BS'ed with him a little and he said "hey xyz, let these 2 gentlemen in." At this point I really had no fucking clue what was going on, I was not expecting things to go so well all the time. We walk in and nothing in my life could have prepared me for this. Every girl (except maybe 10) were hot and a lot were model hot. The setup is unreal and the view you get of the venetian when you look up in the sky is magical. Staff here was some of the best I've exprienced. The DJ, DJ Gharam FUNKE, was fucking killing it. He was on point the entire day. Lots and lots of topless women with great tits. This was at like noon so we went to eat (we had bracelets so we could get back in). As we walked back up to tao for the 2nd time we heard the bass of "dirty south - it's too late." I almost had a heart attack. We got in and it seemed like everyone was drunk now. Girls were dancing in cabanas/on tables/on beds. We went to the main pool and everyone was having the times of their lives it seemed. THere were these 2 models (they had to of been) next to the pool on one of the beds... making out... rubbing eachother with baby oil all over... TOPLESS AND IN THONGS. I had no idea what to do with myself except to never leave this place. We had random girls coming up to us, girls randomly dancing on us (topless), other people were hooking up around the pool, I really could not have asked for more unless I wanted my head to explode. I planned on tipping the DJ $$ to play sharam-party all the time but right before I did it he played it.... I went NUTS in the pool and so did everyone else. EVERYONE, and i mean EVERYONE was dancing at this point. After that we went to gamble, won some more, went to pure at casears, huge line at 9pm, waited till 1030 before ANYONE was let in, slipped vip bouncer 40$ each, got in, nothing but gorgeous girls, 3:1 girls to guys. Everyone was having a great time here. THe DJ upstairs was killing it... at one point the music stopped and I was like "WTF? did something break?" then i hear from the speakers "....ssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" then the bass starting hitting and EVERYONE upstairs started dancing. Unreal. Lots of other shit happened throughout, never a dull moment, and now I am depressed. I can't wait to go back. Thanks to everyone who helped me plan this out!! Couldn't have done it without you!
  4. Tao Beach

    good to know, thanks man!
  5. rain/moon is out for us now on saturday we are thinking either Pure or Jet thanks
  6. Tao Beach

    cool thanks We're going to try to bring girls with us, if not we'll still try to get in by ourselves.
  7. also- I'd like to check out rehab on sunday (flight at 7pm) what time should I get there and how much $$ to get in? i'll only be with 1 other guy this time however I'll probably be too hungover to do anything but who knows
  8. Back from retirement

    what you gonna do now mr. smartypants? congrats
  9. Tao Beach

    any tips on getting in? I will be with 1 other guy Does it cost money to get in? What do guys wear? (we are planning on just sandals/swim trunks/cut off t-shirt) what times should we go? (when does it start/end)? we will be staying at the venetian there if that matters thanks!
  10. AWESOME GUYS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! masterweb- i'll do tao thurs then lalate- never heard of triq, i thought drias/empire were supposed to be the best? ill look it up, thx for the info also, it's starting to sound like we'll do the buffet at paris since you guys recommend it so much greenie- thx for the info. If i can last to 730am i will definiately check out that place for breakfast... However, last time I was in Vegas I was fucking DEAD by 4-5am. I literally could not think or speak coherently and it took me like 2 hrs to get back to my room b/c I had no fucking idea where I was... and i'm not light weight (at least I don't think so lol), it's just that in vegas I get started really early and don't slow down until my body gives out which is usually 4-5am saturday night - dam. I wish there was more of a consensus here about what to do. I've been to body english/pure/tangerine/club vivid/foundation room and wanted to try something else out on Sat. b/c I rarely go to vegas... but i don't want to sacrafice too much quality by doing it. I just might have to go back to Pure, not sure though also - I'm going to be staying at the venetian on sat b/c we got a sweet deal and planned on hitting the tao beach up for a while. Any word on this? thanks again!!!
  11. Background: bunch of guys wanting to have a good time and go to hot clubs with hot women thurs - rain or moon fri - tryst (cant change this) sat - tao im not sure if we should do tao on thurs or sat... and no idea how good moon/rain are on a thurs any ideas? also - what are some cool NON gambling things to do during the day? and good places to eat? we planned on - shopping, walking the strip, going to the pool, dunno what else i want to go to a buffet or an all you can get place (been to the bellagio and loved it but want something new) and 1 good restaurant (last time we ate at the mexican place in MGM and it was fucking amazing) thats less than 50 per person thanks!
  12. My Miami Review: 3-13 to 3-18

    well that's good i guess. I really wanted to go there b/c everyone had hyped it up so much.
  13. My Miami Review: 3-13 to 3-18

    Dam, I would have loved to have gone b/c that was probably the worst night for us even though some of my friends were busy if you know what i mean... wow i sound like a fucking tool
  14. My Miami Review: 3-13 to 3-18

    LOL!! I actually hooked up with 3 girls, all hot and 1 maxim magazine quality imo, but I didn't want to list it b/c it would sound like im bragging (which I think i just did). All my friends except 1 hooked up with girls. We all kissed random girls at the clubs even though thats not a big deal espceially on spring break. Although I did get "rejected" a ton, but I'm trying to stay positive and blame it on their friends and the fact that I labeled them "golddiggers" lol! Anyways I don't want to sound like im bragging so ill stop there. We were only really forced to buy bottles at opium on the last night... I'd like to think we were rejected at others places b/c there was a huge crowd in line and we went 6-8 guys deep everytime. Most nights we just went ahead and grabbed the bottles so we didn't even wait to see if we'd be let in.
  15. My Miami Review: 3-13 to 3-18

    BACKGROUND: went with 10 people, all early 20's, 8 guys, 2 girls and just wanted to eat at a few nice places, go to the top clubs/dance and check out all south beach has to offer and find some hot ladies to "talk" to. general - driving around/walking around the beach/south beach area is fun as hell! so many things to check out and tons of sick cars/girls. We rented a minivan and I highly recommend it b/c we were in north beach (~20 min drive to ocean) and it saved us LOADS on cab fare. Our hotel also had a kitchen so we just went to the grocery store and cooked a lot of food so we could spend all our money on partying. 1- tues - mango's - nice people, not our style of bar (lots of couples, cute girls but not miami quality from what we saw during the day). Moved to clevender hotel and that was awesome. Everyone is dancing, lots of people, tons of cute girls, more like the college spring break crowd here. left near 130am b/c of exhaustion (we had been up for like 30 hrs with ~3 hrs sleep). Both clubs were easy to get into and OK priced for south beach. We tried going to the delano earlier in the night but decided we had no chance when they were rejected really hot girls. I WISH I COULD HAVE GOTTEN IN! 2- wed -opium garden took the bus, not worth it... too long/boring. got here really early and still had to pay for 2 bottles to get in (6 guys). I fucking hate the doormen/staff here. We were seated upstais by the top bar and there was this male bartender that was a fucking jerk. "can i have a water please" him- *blank stare* "ask your hostess." What the fuck?!? anyways, crowd/dj were fucking poppin. Lots of hot girls, tons dancing, amazing vibe. Girls here are very friendly, ended up hooking up with 2. tons of lambos/ferrari's/etc outside. When leaving a friend said he saw a dude in a black ferrari pull up by himself, scope out the line, and have like 3 girls run over to him and start talking (they obviously just met he said) and he ended up taking one home. WOW. left at like 5am, unreal 3- thurs - cameo jerks at door. The rat faced looking guy was like, minimum 2 bottles for you all, we ask how much, and he blows up "omg *nasty look, turns to coworker* these guys are asking how much blah blah." Sorry man, this is our first time and we aren't super rich. Once inside we quickly forgot. The dancefloor/scene is fucking amazing. The DJ was on fire the entire night and just looked like a fucking badass in general. If anyone knows his name please tell me. We got a table along side the dance floor and just partied the night away. Ended up dancing with this beauitful burnette most of the night but her friends forcefully dragged her away, against her will. Oh well, still really really fun. I am smiling just thinking back on this trip. Left at like 5am or later, no idea 4- fri- cameo again - had to go here again b/c other friends wanted to come here... kinda pissed me off b/c i wanted to check out other places. Place was fucking dead until like 130-2am. We had a table in the upstairs vip area where the other DJ is... I had no idea this place even exisited. SICK! our hostesses were really really fine and very nice/accomodating. We were rolling with some models/super rich people so we had girls all around us. Amazing... so surreal. I went behind the DJ upstairs and there was a 10pack of girls there were obviously models. I think i was too excited/over eager b/c they basically ignored me when i tried to talk to them (which has never happened to me)... but I was in such a good mood i didnt care. Ended up dancing/talking most of the night with a gorgeous girl (I am not trying to brag... I am just so not used to girls this hot I want to let others know they can do it too). But her friend had a serious attitude, both were like 6'1/6'3 and were rejecting lots of guys. Most of the really hot girls seemed to have major attitudes and were content to be by themselves the whole night. Weird 5- sat - opium again b/c we didn't realize prive was their VIP bar - got there near 1130pm which is way too late. doormen were major assholes, didnt even want to look at people. The alien looking white guy with braids is a fucking bastard and everyone in the fucking club hates him. Had to get 2 bottles again b/c they only let in like 6 girls from 1-2am even though there were ~200 peopel waiting outside... they didn't even let some people buy bottles b/c they were "closed." Once inside we got the pleasure to sit next to the prive entrance, which funneled in artic winds and froze our fucking balls off. There was also vomit next to our table. To top it off our hostess took 45 mins to come to our table to give us our drinks. We tried leaving but they "already charged us." Bastards. DJ was sick as hell, great crowd, everyone was very nice, ended up kissing one of the hottest girls ive ever seen in my fucking life. Tried to go to space, huge line at 7am with what seemed like a ton of gay guys. They wanted 250 for bottles... we declined and went home. sun - ate at rumba palce (or something) on ocean (cuban place). Best meal of the entire trip. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommened if you want cuban food. Had seafood pallea (sp?), fried bananas, yucca, calamarery (sp?). SO GOOD! sry if this was long... won't even bother including the day stuff. Everytime I saw a WMC flier i nearly cried. I hope you all are having a blast there and I will try my hardest to make it to WMC in 08 later, and thx for all those who helped me earlier