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  1. New idea, your comments please.

    I hear where you're coming from with that, and the service will be an "OPT-in" service. It means that you won't receive random text invitations from us. You have to signup to the service and actually request this information. I notice that the text message (spam, overload, cost, etc.) is a big problem and we'll have a feature that'll limit how much you get according to your preference =] Thanks for the comment though, I really appreciate it, keep them coming!
  2. New idea, your comments please.

    Hmm, I'm beginning to notice that a lot of people get text messages about parties, huh? Of course, the service will have a option that will limit the number of text messages you receive, so you won't go crazy =]
  3. New idea, your comments please.

    I need more comments people, help a brother out!
  4. New idea, your comments please.

    Well, the categories will be very detailed. For instance, with restaurants people will be able to select the cuisine and region (E.g. Greek food and Brooklyn) and they'll only receive invitations from restaurants that specifically offer that. Plus, the member can specify the days in which he/she wants to receive text messages and the amount per day. This will limit a member from being bombarded with text messages =)
  5. New idea, your comments please.

    The users will be allowed to specify the days they want to receive msg's and how many msg's they want per day. You do have a point about abusing the system, but the invitations will be moderated before it's sent.
  6. Hey guys, I have a quick question for whoever happens to read this. What do you think about a service that allows you to customize your nightlife and receive promotions or invitations thru text messages straight to your cell phone? Let's say the service offers categories, such as clubs, restaurants, bars, comedy shows, Galleries, Gentlemen's Clubs, etc. As a user you would sign up and specify what type of category you would want to be in. For example, if I'm a restaurant and Galleries type of person, I would specify that I only want invitations from Restaurants in the Manhattan area, only fri-sat and Italian and Indian food only. For galleries I would accept all invitations within the boundaries of Manhattan. The idea of the service is for people to lists their demands, while restaurants, promoters, galleries, etc. bid for their attention, money, business, etc. I remember one management class I took and the Prof. described how retailers and suppliers go thru a "bid war" where suppliers bid and offer the lowest price to retailers. The retailer has the choice of accepting the lowest offer and finalizes the deal. Except, now the consumer is the retailer and the supplier are the promoters or businesses. There are more details to the idea, but I don't want this to be a written business plan on the forum. Please comment and feel free to disagree or tear the idea apart. You can contact me at [email protected], thanks!