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  1. This might be where Miami club owners end up...

    hey i know joseph harrington lol
  2. Tampa???

    amphitheater in ybor city is the only decent club in terms of edm. they play breaks and house in the tocca lounge upstairs. on saturdays its breaks, house and trance in the main room with a pretty good resident dj(dj mondo).
  3. FAO: Phillipio Chin

    what kinda house artists do you like?> i'm curious cuz i've seen you dog way too many people, so i'm wondering what lives up to your standards in terms of quality and talent.
  4. FAO: Phillipio Chin

    question, philippio, what kind of music do you like?
  5. Tiesto, Oakenfold, Cox Acosta...seriously?

    says the guy who has been postwhoring for 3 years on some website. get a life.
  6. Tiesto, Oakenfold, Cox Acosta...seriously?

    lol. you have way too much time on your hands. in any case please keep us posted clubbabe90. i'd like to hit it up when cox comes into town.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    thomas bronzwaer-constellation
  8. Tiesto, Oakenfold, Cox Acosta...seriously?

    where is revolution located?
  9. and what time should i get there if i have a pre-sale ticket and i won't have to wait forever outside?
  10. yeah i have a pre-sale ticket 2 and am goin to ultra but would like to know what time i should be goin to get guaranteed entry.
  11. is there any set schedule for the djs to come on yet for each room?
  12. any idea what the set time for each dj lookz like on saturday nite?
  13. What parties are you going to?

    ultra friday->Am only event at nocturnal->ultra on saturday->Armin Van Buuren and co. at twilo
  14. Early March

    maybe you should stop being so racist lol.
  15. best event i think i've seen so far. what time do you think the bigger names wills tart playing?