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  1. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    Likely another miserable queen with a severe case of the divas...what do you expect? Im starting to think thats an epidemic like influenza:what:
  2. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    you got that right
  3. Junior Vasquez

    LOL are you kidding me,If you saw my hit list of how many queens I wanted to strangle or murder at one time you'd laugh.I thought women were evil toward one another but they aint even 1/4 as bad as the evil malicious queens in the gay community(and when I say evil and malicious Im talkin about them bitch ass queens that take pleasure in hurting and sabotaging other human beings,Just like George W. Bush),but along with the evil queens there are some good gays,those are the ones I normally affiliate with.usually If I get approached by an evil queen.I give them a beat-down and move forward.
  4. Junior Vasquez

    Well I pretty much agree with you on that,there probably are no real storm clouds between Junior and Peter.As it stands the only people that have the problem here are all the obsessed low-life queens who have no idea of such things and continue to refuse to find facts and do research.Which is part of the reason why NYC does NOT have much of a gay scene anymore.To that end, I normally dont discriminate on DJs in the gay scene Im not a stupid queen and I keep an open mind and support DJs from Tony Moran to Offer Nissim to Peter Rauhofer to Junior Vasquez and so on and so forth.With that being said,I am no longer getting involved with the drama queens and I wish Junior the best and I will give him and the other DJs in the gay scene support.
  5. Junior Vasquez

    Thank you!!! Someone needs to wake that BITCH up Bitch: a malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, and unpleasant person. I have met so many gay guys like that old and young,but many many times the older queens ,I simply lost count,I dunno what it is with these queens,it seems that once they hit the middle ages they loose all sense of reality and they act like 15 year old snotty girls who need a good ol' fashion "ASS" whoopin *cracks whip* I just laugh at em most of the time,how can you take those bitches seriously,they get a kick out of finding fault with everyone else and puttin people down when truthfully they are the ones with the problem.Seems to me that donaldm and other queens and bitches like her, still have alot of growing up to do and need special education on how to treat other people.
  6. Keys to the Mansion

    I had just mentioned that to a friend last nite,we got to talkin about it.What we notice is that this shitty change in new york nightlife is destroying the social sense of the scene. Everybody is all fake about it now, you gotta look like a Calvin Klein model to get into these places with their superficial "velvet rope" attitude. These people are forgetting those of us who are blue/white collar still live in new york city and work and go to college all week, when the weekend comes along some of us want a place to socialize hangout and dance. This city's scene has turned to shit and I think I caught the tail end of the good part, when I first started going out. People need to realize this is not, Miami,Hollywood, or Las Vegas. New York is suppose to be more down to earth, this isnt an area where its stays warm all year, where people run around with fake ass tans and all that bullshit, there is no "strip" like there is in miami ,las vegas, and hollywood almost every street in this town is numbered and there are people here from all different walks of life from all over who live in this area.This is one of the major elements that fucked up what New York nightlife is really about.The superficial fake-ass rude obnoxious, anti-social,exclusive, "I dont wanna deal with people I don't know" judgmental attitudes that have polluted this city,needs to stop. Those who have that attitude need a reality check...I just want to see some of the originality come back. Nuff said!!!
  7. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    this is actually a good forum,people are more "from planet earth" and actually have a clue... to hell with clubplanet!!!!!!
  8. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    Yea or at some lame bottle service joint, which usually involves hip hop, shootings,or even someone getting thrown down an elevator shaft (Club B.E.D.)
  9. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    Thats EXACTLY what the problem is ...its that and the nazi city legislation and NYPD which has done nothing but destroyed the scene and there are a few other factors such as apathy, negative,superficial and shady attitudes from people within the scene,high rents,and maybe a few others. All this destroyed the NEW YORK nightlife scene.
  10. The Mansion is Built

    I keep hearing from people its gonna be all about the bottles and models shit and those god damn french maid outfits i keep hearing about,it sounds like its gonna be the an imitation of the god damn play boy mansion thats all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rather than an actual "HOUSE MUSIC DRIVEN DANCE CLUB" The space is gonna be a far cry from what it was when it was Crobar. Completely different club with a completely different theme, and sho nuff gonna attract the snobby models and bottles crowd. I am gonna wait for the next Alegria party before I actually check it out is all I can say. But if they can prove me wrong, great!!! But according to the press and what everyone else is saying, its gonna be about the $$$$ bottles and models crowd.
  11. Junior Vasquez

    While you're at it, take the time to rearrange her whole body to look like a New York stile pretzel, shes already half way there, with having no taste, bitterness, and being old and dried out.Just like the damn pretzel itself. Such an unpleasant piece of work
  12. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    Are you planning on chanting that at room service? It may potentially get the message across if he personally hears his fans chant that right on that so-called dance floor,it may get him to stop and think about it,but as the old saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink"
  13. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    If this is all true,this shows that there is alot of "behind the scenes" things going on in the nightlife scene. I just wish people weren't so goddamn ignorant and instead of making dumb irrelevant and invalid opinions about things they can't testify on, atleast try and find the facts.Not just in terms of nightlife,but in any situation.nuff said!!!
  14. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    aint nobody payin her no mind, Jesus Christ himself wouldnt be able to help that queen why should we lol anyway. Is there a "definite" date for mansions opening? And Im still wondering what lies in the future for (530 west 27th st) former "original" Sound factory/Twilo/Spirit
  15. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    Or just get elmer fudd to shoot her"POW"