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  1. Hello together, me and my Girlfreind visiting NYC this weekend and would like to know which spot we could go to this Saturday if we would like to listen R'n'B & Hip Hop Music? It should not be any "Ghetto"-Club. We are looking for something more excluxive with nice people. Can anybody help us please?????
  2. WHat about the BLVD this Saturday, heard there is a good Party going on ????
  3. U probably now the 69 Grad Grad in BErlin or the P1 in Munich...Im looking for Locations lie that..HIgh Class Clubs that Play Hip Hop...Is there anything u can suggest for this Saturday? Do u have any messenger?
  4. WHaz up! WHich ist he best High Class Club for Hip Hop and R'n'B to go out to this Saturday in NYc? Im visiting from GErmany thats why im asking...
  5. Im from Stuttgart...Check out www.supreme-Stuttgart.de to have an idea what kind of club im looking for... I want some nice clubs to go out to..especially for This Saturdaay i have no clue where to go to.. Are u from NYc?
  6. WHaz up Everybody! I need some help..im from Germany and visiting NYC next week for one week with my Girlfriend.... Can somebody make me List which Clubs and Spots are the best ones to Stop by from Saturday 31th of March till Friday 6th of April???? We mostly listen to Hip Hop and R'n'B... I hope somebody has some suggestions. Thanks
  7. Hello together, im (MALE) visiting New York with my Girlfriend for a week beginning of April. How is the Dresscode at Clubs like The China Club or other Clubs? Can i wear Jeans or is that not casual enough? Thanks Marek from GErmany