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  1. We need your help!

    First off, I hope this isn't taken as "spam"... because we don't make loot... I take it a lot of the "old school" people on Club Planet will know about this already... But... My friends and I started selekta.com in 1998 as a place for people to find information about electronic music artists, events and reviews. We've been a bit slow these last couple of years, but recently decided to get things back up and running, as the Web site still gets a ton of traffic, and has been a really valuable place for people over the years to promote thier thoughts, ideas and especially music! We do this because we love music and the excitement of being able to turn people on to things that they might not have heard before. This is why I am posting here. I am really hoping to find some new people who want to get involved with us... whether it is writing interviews, articles, music or record label reviews, artist profiles and other content, or by submitting your audio sets to our streaming audio database (we currently have about 1000 live sets in the database now). We are hoping to find some people that want to reach out to the global audience in yet one more way... helping to expose the world to new music, new artists, events and all things "good" about what is happening in the scene as a whole. Again, we don't do this for profit... If we ever make money from advertising, it simply goes to help cover the cost of hosting for the bandwidth that is chewed up by all the online audio streams and everything else. I'd love to hear from anyone who would be interested in getting involved in any way... and if you have an existing blog, let us know... we can use RSS to syndicate your content! In music!!!! Dave