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  1. yo!!! it's chris calix....you still around? been ages....

    hit me up on facebook.com/chriscalix

  2. Stryke & Friends @ The Laundry Bar this thursday free!

    Hello cowboys and cowgals, looking forward to filling in for stryke, though (and i mean this) i could never replace him. either way, come out and hand out with us if you're looking for a smooth way to end your thursday experience. bit of a techy grindy sort of set Peter and I have planned. At Laundry bar that is, so bring your dirty skivvies if you so wish. Though, not to throw at said DJ's, but to wash in the machines. You know, kill two birds with one stone and all. Anyhoo, long story short, see you there, Your's faithfully in the vibe, C.
  3. SPANK! WMC 2007 @ Circa 28 [MAR::20]

    HELL YEAH! were so ready to bring this on tuesday!
  4. SPANK! WMC 2007 @ Circa 28 [MAR::20]

    How would everyone feel if we extended this event into an afterhours?
  5. SPANK! WMC 2007 @ Circa 28 [MAR::20]

    check it out at http://www.myspace.com/spankparty
  6. Date: Mar 20,2007 Time: 10PM-6AM Event: SPANK! WMC '07 Venue: Circa 28 Address: 2826 N. Miami Ave. @ Wynwood Arts District Admission: Free Line Up: 1. STRYKE (Ovum, Monoid, Circle) Miami 2. Dennis Rodgers (Robots) NYC 3. Hisham Samawi (Native Theory) Dubai,UAE 3. Matthew Craig (DontSleepWorldwide) Denver 4. Chris Calix (Sovereign,The Tekheads,SPANK!)Miami 5. Leo Peralta (Sovereign,The Tekheads,SPANK!)Miami 6. Peter Parrado (Sovereign,The Tekheads,SPANK!) Mia 7. Scott Young (Subdigital) Miami COME AND WHIP YOUR BUNS INTO SHAPE!