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  1. Alex Reymundo Hick-Spanic!

    Alex Reymundo new comedy dvd coming out. You guys can watch a few clips of it here www.hick-spanic.com. The movie is called Hick-Spanic and has elements of the "Blue Collar" guys and "Latino Kings of Comedy". Let me know what you guys think. Oh and btw it comes out today! Maria UMG
  2. Latin Music?

    y'all should check out Magnate--he's a cool mix of latin pop and reggaeton. one of my coworkers and umgd played him for me the other day and i can't get his single Nuestro Amor Es Asi out of my head. im pretty sure his new album Progresivo came out a few weeks ago but you can check out the singles on his myspace: www.myspace.com/magnate2007
  3. Latin Music?

    Does anyone around here listen to latin music? If so, what artists do you listen to? What about reggaeton? Latin pop?
  4. What do you consider to old to club?

    30 unless you are a celebrity or something
  5. Jennifer Pena

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share with you that Jennifer Pena has a new album out. She is one of my favorite artist. Her music is like, latin pop. Its great. Really makes me happy. I heard the new cd through my job at Universal. I recommend it to everyone. check out her site. www.myspace.com/jenniferpena
  6. Black iPod Nano

    i wish i had a black ipod nano
  7. jake plummer

    i feel bad for him
  8. hi

    hi my name is maria, i just joined here, hope everyone is having a good day
  9. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    hot pot? never heard of it
  10. happy birthday nifer

    i think its nice