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  1. new to area (seaside)

    thats for the help. part of the problem is that for the panhandle florida area, i have no idea where i would going. i cannot pick the location for florida. it also seems to me that more people would go to the jersey shore in the summer that are my age because it is more of a tourist spot?
  2. Hey guys, I have the opportunity to do an internship in seaside this summer. I'm not sure if its Heights or Park though, they haven't told me yet. I also have the opportunity to go to either Destin, Pensacola, or Panama City, FL. I have never been to any of these areas and I was wondering which area would provide the best night life. I am more into trance/techno/pop/rap if that helps at all and 21 years old. My one friend that lives in Florida said that NJ would be a lot better. I know there are some pretty big clubs down in FL though. If anyones been to these areas, any info would be appreciated, especially around the seaside area, or how far places are. Thanks in advance. Matt