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  1. Yeah, JP drops from #1 all the way out of the top 100. Just goes to show you how the right promotion can get you high on the list if not at the top. And!!! - DT at number 12??? Is this a joke??? He's definitely top 10 in the world and gets #12 in America?? Congrats to Acosta I guess but these lists are ridiculous. DT should be #1 hands down with someone else a distant second - my guess is DT probably doesn't even care and will continue to just do his thing. Thank god for all of us. I'm sure Silverbull can chime in on this.
  2. This event is 18+? Please say no! It will be crowded enough without letting the teens in.
  3. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    Definitely Victor at Pacha!!
  4. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    Calderone at Pacha wouldn't be too bad either.
  5. Sullivan Room thursday

    Nice - that's my boy - wish i could make it but i have to work tomorrow. Great guy and very talented. Hope to see him at Pacha soon with Calegari or Santana and Bailey. Thanks for the info.
  6. Sullivan Room thursday

    Bull, I also heard my friend D-Roy might be on drums with them. Do you know if this is true? Thanks, CM
  7. I totally agree with DT. I am from NY and I was down in Miami the week after WMC (yeah, stupid me but I had to work). The first mistake I made was going out on a Friday - we went to South Beach and my god - I was almost afraid for my life. I should have never broken my rule of not going to clubs on Friday night. Too young and just don't like the crowds. We then decided to try going back there on Saturday and really not much different - there were a few places that i thought about going into but the lines were an hour long. And when I don't have to wait on line in NY - there is no way i'm waiting an hour down there. The best thing we did was decide to high tail it out of there - we wound up in Lauderdale and then the Hard Rock and made the best of the night. South Beach needs a major clean up - its sad because it is a very cool place with the beach and all but it will be a long time before i head out there again. Just my thoughts.
  8. they'll still be open this weekend i hope???!!!
  9. I need some help with a song ID. I heard it in the Pachita for the S&M - I think Danielle Nicole played it and then I heard it downstairs later the same night - JP was playing it. It sounds like the beginning of the show Las Vegas. Like an old Elvis tune. Thanks!
  10. Reviews for both - lets hear them!!