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  1. ...dayzen...

    thats a funny response.
  2. ...dayzen...

    you are the reason abortion is legal.
  3. ...dayzen...

    Frances....u dont get humor? I mean "do u wrangle ur chicken?".....brilliant. One day i hope i can be at that level...one day.
  4. ...dayzen...

    did u wrangle ur chicken?....OMG.... that was so fucking clever. Do u write for a living?
  5. ...dayzen...

    After two days i get my own thread....im famous. I dont usually tell ppl about my dad but i feel like i know u, so what the hell...Growing up my father was a chicken wrangler. We group on a farm, yes in brooklyn, and i remember herding sheep in the mornings and slaughtering them by night....for the food of course. Those times seemed simpler. Thank you so much for asking. Your my e-friend phatman poo.
  6. Random Thoughts #3

    We have to stop the virus...im assuming he is talking about the spread of jews. ok we need an oven. anybody got one?
  7. Random Thoughts #3

    A jew? let the cleansing process begin.
  8. Random Thoughts #3

    Now can someone please let me know how to make my account like yours so i can see the number of posts and my pic.
  9. Random Thoughts #3

    spic? I have a pic up. r u blind?
  10. Random Thoughts #3

    well u fucked that up...i was on my way.
  11. Random Thoughts #3

    You are a bunch of e-tough guys.
  12. Random Thoughts #3

    That wasn't an insult....and u guys think ur so cool and smart. No one has even said anything remotely funny here.
  13. Random Thoughts #3

    i just quoted what u said.....u hiv infested vagina.
  14. Random Thoughts #3

    diana isnt my girl. u got myspace?
  15. Random Thoughts #3

    u got pics?