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  1. Where are the underground spots @?

    I'm confused about what your skills are and what references every DJ you know are going to give. I'm confused about how you turned the scene upside down. I'm confused how your myspcae is the biggest thing in the nyc nightlife right now. I'm confused how girls hotter than the ones into cunty--and there are some pretty hot ones--are into you, you sound like a super queeny delusional nobody talking big on the net. And I'm confused about this whole Mr. Black banning. What happened there? Please help me out.
  2. Attn: Kaydup

    If you call that hackey garbage funny.
  3. Where are the underground spots @?

    Is this guy for real?
  4. Attn: Kaydup

    He's not funny! He's a f**king PSYCHO!