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  1. 4/6 Reson8 review

    Thanks for the understanding. This is an Event to check out. Top notch venue.
  2. 4/6 Reson8 review

    Again you fail to read.... let it soak in.... give yourself time to comprehend what is being said... and then post. You think Im cheap... Good for you, but that is far from the truth. The fact that you insult someone, who posts on this board, who is a patron in the very industry in which you maintain your livelyhood is laughable. To think that your are basically a representative of what people can expect the local dj to be like makes it even more disheartening. Best of luck to you.
  3. 4/6 Reson8 review

    We were there from around 11 pm to 3am. The sound system was not overbearing as is typical of smaller venues, the rooftop was a great place to grab some fresh air. Bar service on the lower level left some to be desired. 2 Bartenders and 2 barhands for that much barspace didnt seem logical. I didnt spend that much time ont he second floor as I am nto a huge fan of DNB(on a side note there was some industrial metalish dnb at the Red Hooka Lounge the next night that I found to be highly enjoyable). There was not a lot of blatant drug use at this party, which was refreshing because most of the west coast parties I have been to have e-tards layed out in cuddlepuddles everywhere (is LV considered part of the west coast EDM scene?). When I return to Vegas I will definately check this place out again and will reccomend it to all my co-workers who will be taking shifts out here as well.
  4. 4/6 Reson8 review

    Yeah I saw the lineup... killer. Im flying back on Friday and I really wanted to see J&H and Monk. My Co-worker is flying in next week and I already told him what a killer party you guys throw. Next time Im in town Ill definately check it out.
  5. 4/6 Reson8 review

    No i was with a buddy from Tuscan. You clearly cannot Read>Comprehend>Post. Cost benefit analysis... the only reason I was going to check this place out was because it was "free". I had no desire to visit this place with the exception of the stipulation that it was free. Please flex your e-peen harder, as it may make up for your obvious lack of tact and intelligence. Now to bring myself to your level once again.... MAYBE WE SHOULD OF GONE TO OPM TO SEE DJ FATTY [email protected]!
  6. 4/6 Reson8 review

    Do I want to spend 20 dollars for an afterparty on a Friday Night? No! We were only going to go check it out. The bouncer saw us leaving, and asked us what was wrong. We told them we were just coming to check it out, but werent going to stay long and didnt want to pay 20 bucks to check it out. He said thats cool and tried to reduced our price to which we declined. He then in turn gave us free passes for Saturday night. We thanked him but said we had plans for the next night. It called cost benefit analysis. Yes I must be jewish because I chose not to spend 20 bucks. Id much rather pay for bottle service at Jet and stay a long time than spend 20 bucks for a few minutes. You flamers make me Lol... Maybe you should a little less time posting on these boards, eating Hostess cakes, and harassing people. You ever hear of physical activity? From your pic I would say no... Roll your neck up and pull your head out of your ass.
  7. 4/6 Reson8 review

    Its no biggie... we were tired anyways. Keep up the good work. Thanks for makin my trip a little more memorable. I used to go the the MasterDome and other various LA parties to see Thee-o. It brought back alot of memories. Lots of drum and bass in this LV scene. Some styles I havent heard before.
  8. 4/6 Reson8 review

    Cross promotions are not a new concept. Apparently they are to you. Or maybe you dont have the concept of read>comprehend>post. I am no freeloader. But I do not see the sense of spending another 20 bucks on something that was advertised to me as free. Especially when it is something that I would have had no desire to go to had it not been free. This is called a bait and switch. Even whent he purpose of this thread is to let the prmoter know I enjoyed his party at the "ice house", you continue to pollute the thread with your redundant trolling. Crawl back into your little troll cave and cry more noob.
  9. 4/6 Reson8 review

    The passes were to the venue in question. The bouncers at empire did not know who "david" was... Why promote an afterparty if the venue doesnt support said afterparty. But thanks for showing your internet ass masterweb. Back to the subject at hand.. nice job guys the party was great
  10. 4/6 Reson8 review

    I liked the venue "the icehouse" It has a nice feel too it and a great mix of genres. I especially enjoyed the rooftop view and Thee-o's set. We took out passes to Empire and said we were on David guest list and we got some serious run around and hassle. We did manage to talk some saturday night passes out of one of the bouncers, but they wouldnt let us in for less that 20 bux for 2 people. I guess its typical Vegas run around though.
  11. RESON8 April Line-up w/ Jackyl & Hyde, AK1200 and more

    is this downtown lv?
  12. I had heard recommendations from Ice, to Tryst, to Toa... Trying to make sense of it all Any other suggestions? Im working during the weeks, but will have the weekend to party. I like electronic, club remixes, hiphop... if this helps. Thanks in advance
  13. Coming to Vegas Aug 3rd - 6th

    Should be fun.. Im having a blast here.. and im working lol