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  1. This just in...

    Aren't you embarassed? All the money you owe people and all the people you screwed and you still prance around Hartford like you're God...There was no money made at the door because J.B.'s smartened up... Otherwise, they only would have received half of the door money and then would have been stuck having to pay for the dj and sound guy. There would have been only one person making money that night...
  2. This just in...

    I heard the night sucked... The only difference being that the little bit of money that was made at the door didn't all go into Katshit's pockets..
  3. This just in...

    No thanks, nothing to say to you directly, anyway, you're too powerful in Hartford...lol... You made me you can break me...lol........OOoooohhh! SCARY!
  4. This just in...

    Joeblack, Do you remember some of the most ridiculous Kashif quotes? Keep it going....lol 1)" I made Hartford what it is now" 2)"I created all of the local DJ's."