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  1. Clothes

    Thank you Will look over summer when we're in London! can't wait!
  2. Hello

    Hi everyone i'm new here and my name's Fluffy i wish. i'm from England, seem to have landed in a bit of America online by mistake.... but hi anyway
  3. Clothes

    This might sound stupid.... but what's bum sex got to do with clothes? Or exercise for that matter?
  4. Clothes

    i'm quite nice looking. i do a little bit of weight type things and sit ups, but only to prevent the gross arm/belly wobble. The ones i use are very small (so am i though). i only have weights, no equipment, so can proudly say i don't know what a bench press is People seem to like weird clothes here.... weird is good
  5. Plastic hair!

    Hello i'm interested in getting those plastic tubes put in my hair. It looks very cyber and cool. And i wondered if anyone here had tried it and had any tips, recommendations, horror stories etc www.angrycaninelovestick.org/plastic/index.html Like that! Hope to hear from you FPK
  6. Clothes

    How much ya bench? i guess you're not asking me if i'm very muscular.... i'm not, just toned. Any fashion tips? Look forward to hearing ideas
  7. So does anybody here have any strange fetishes ???

    Surely it's not that weird? It's not like your real brother or sister, it's about being naughty, + the closeness you get from relatedness. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the excellent film Catpeople which show the attraction of it
  8. Clothes

    Hi everyone i was wondering what clothes anyone would recommend to go out in? Or where do your favourite clothes come from? i like battery organic, limb, technodolly and phaze. i love cyberdog but can't afford anything! i look forward to reading your thoughts! i'm new here.... hopefully will get some replies!
  9. So does anybody here have any strange fetishes ???

    My partner and i scratch each other. We also pretend to be brother and sister who know it's wrong but can't control ourselves. And a denim fetish, and a pyjama fetish. And i love my partner in dresses/eyeliner/thongs.....