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  1. Not from 'round these here parts

    yeah is that relevant, Koove? haha kidding dude. Not really sure what you mean, unless you're asking how to start a new thread perhaps? Oh, and welcome, Koove!
  2. Tips for LA under 21?

    I might just have to go to chuck'e'cheese! haha I'm not gonna mess with a fake id, and I don't really have any intention of drinking. I drink sometimes, but lately I've found I have a better time without it. Plus, alcohol is too damned expensive. It takes me at least $50 to even get tipsy so I'm fine with places where I can't drink, but there is still a drinking/dancing/bass-pumping/club vibe, ya know? I would LOVE to go to Canada but I won't even be able to get close during my time in USA.
  3. Tips for LA under 21?

    Hey y'all 20yr old foreigner wanting to know what to do in order to make the most of the L.A. nightlife during my short stay. Hopefully something that won't bore the pants off of my 23yr old best bud and travelling companion.
  4. Hey all, New Zealander who'll be in California for a few weeks and wanna know how to make the most of my time. I'm only 20, and travelling with my 23 yr old best bud, so I know the nightlife thing is going to have "complications" due to my age. Anyway, hey howdy hi, nice to meet ya.
  5. Hello

    So you've been clubbing in SoCal since you were 16, then? Well that makes you the *perfect* person to ask about this. I'm 20 and in a week's time, a 23yr old friend and I are flying from New Zealand to L.A. and will visit Vegas and San Diego at some point. Since I'm underage, I'm totally hoping locals can clue me in on any party secrets for people not quite 21 yet. Any ideas, Angel? (or anyone else)