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  1. 5 in Vegas 8/15 - 8/21 - advice?

    Go on ebay and purchase some "VIP Passes" to clubs which will allow you to not pay cover charge before 12. Get there at 10 and recruit some girls around you. Here is a script for you "Hey do you want to get in." "Yes." "Alright, come over here and you'll get in without waiting, bring your friends." That script uses some good basic psychology, your essentially telling her what to do instead of asking. Head up to the "clipboard" host and push your way up to the front. Tell him you have 3 guys and 8 girls who want to get in. They should let you get in if its early because they wanna fill the club with women. I learned the hard way that if its taking you more than 15 minutes to get in LEAVE!!!!!!!!! and go to another club. And whatever you do dont pay those stupid sleeze "VIP" host people who will offer to walk you in for 65$ a pop. Just laugh at them and walk away. Only time you should even consider paying to get into a club is if its past 11:15 and there are huge lines with tons of people willing to shell out cash to get in. You should pay 0$ to get into a club, I got into Body English with zero waiting and zero dollars out of my pocket and zero connections with the above method, on a saturday night! Tip the clipboard host 40$ just in case you ever go back. I have some other methods for getting free drinks and into the "VIP" rooms at a club but I'm putting all that on my blog.
  2. 5 in Vegas 8/15 - 8/21 - advice?

    your fucked.. well almost.. read my review coming in two days that chronicles my 21st weekend celebration this past friday. oh yea... studio 54 is pretty "MEH" now in vegas. As of this writing top three are Body English - Hard Rock Tao - Venetian Pure - Caesars (but don't go here, you'll know why when u read my review)
  3. So... who hit up the Rehab opening?

  4. What clubs are of Las Vegas caliber --> Large, Flashy and beautiful, awesome TOP 40/mashup music.
  5. Hey guys just got back from vegas. I will write up a full review of what happened, some success some failure. Should be up in a few days.
  6. Thanks for the tips! I will put your phone number in and if I get stuck I will give you a call.. or u can look for the bat single
  7. Thanks laLate I need an itinerary.. thinking about this for friday night 7 PM TheMix 8:30 Moon 10:30 Tryst or Pure (probably pure) How is coyote ugly? It seems like a fun place and one of my loser sleezeball friends wants to body shot off a coyote.
  8. Nice write-up, I agree with you on many levels. I think I will just be hitting the bars up before the clubs and finding those groups of girls and going in with them. Or at least, getting them to join my group.
  9. Wow, I think you have taken my comment of ridiculous "VIP Services" a little too seriously. The comment wasn't directed towards you specifically. I'm sure your services come in handy for those who are socially handicapped. Hell, if I wasn't as social as I am, I would definitely buy one of your packages. I was speaking for myself, because from my experience (LA,SF,SD) the LIST means THE LIST as you said. I obviously don't know a damn thing about Vegas hence my original post and plea for help. If you can retract your statement and put me on some "lists" I would be more then happy to recommend your services and do a full and complete write up on my soon to launch blog, which chronicles pop culture and night life.
  10. are you telling me that guys cant get in when they have a 2:1 girl to guy ratio? I find that hard to believe. I've gotten me and a few dudes in some HOT clubs here in LA with no girls. I dont see why vegas should be any different. I'll be sure to post my experience though, I think people hype vegas up way too much. If you can speak well and know some basic psychology you can talk your way into almost any place.
  11. Oh yea, I should probably add that I'm not looking to pay for any of those ridiculous VIP services. I'm looking for connections and maybe *gasp* a friendship of some sort. You'd be amazed how many people I've helped that have at one time or another came back and returned the favor, so help me out please.
  12. why would you pay 1000$ to see the playboy mansion when you can see all those stars on melrose for free?
  13. Hey whats up everyone, glad to have found this message board. I'm a student at UCLA, me and a group of friends (8 very pretty girls, 4 guys) are heading out to vegas this friday (April 27th) to get our party on. While I'm pretty well connected in LA (Privilege, The Standard) I don't know a damn person in Vegas. I'm looking for some chill people who could possibly lower some velvet ropes for us, and show us how to truly party in Sin City. I can offer my girls, and the guarantee that if you ever swing by LA I can get you some great service at some near impossible to enter clubs.