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  1. opie and anthony fans

    The virus tour last year was incredible. I was there at the PNC show with my girl and it was the best time I've had in a long time. It was like a comedic rock tour. Incredible. Whoever said Nick Dipaulo is better, you have a lot to learn. O&A have been around for YEARS and they've been moving up the ranks if they weren't so damn self-destructive. Nick is good but he's only been on for a few months. The only people that can hold a candle to O&A are Ron and Fez. I will admit, however, that the boys haven't been up to par compared to their WNEW days but they're still the best out there--especially better than Howard. FRRRRRRUMMMKUS
  2. Afterhours tonight....

    Good idea. That just ups the odds.
  3. Afterhours tonight....

    I'm down if I still got it in me. Guest lists?
  4. They had some cool raver-like party on 4/20 so the name came out. I'm not talkin about the old Exit in Manhattan either. I'm talking about Club Exit in Brooklyn. I never been there but someone was telling me the venue is sick. What the hell do I know? What happened to Exit in Manhatten anyways? Last time I heard, it was Black.
  5. Ok, obviously this will just become a thread for promoters. Gentlemen, I respect and appreciate your assistance in this matter and will take both suggestions with the utmost consideration. Best Regards, Cranky
  6. ^I'm not that far out of the loop I do know of the change. Do I sense a bias?! I did love that club but i'd like to weight my options. I was thinking Sullivan Room but I haven't heard anything about the DJ's that night. I've only heard great things about Jeff Mills. Oh decisions decisions.
  7. that loser abrooksbro...

    I don't know what's going on...but I like it.
  8. That was me till I got my hands on.... Well, I just have some free time.
  9. opie and anthony fans

    They're on a well earned vacation for the week from XM and FreeFM. Ron and Fez are also off as well. They'll be back on Monday in their full glory. I think JV and Elvis got suspended though--I don't listen to them so i'm not sure. Hittin up the Virus tour this summer?
  10. new screename ???

    I had the same problem. This is a new handle for me too.
  11. No, i'm not smokesun and no I haven't been banned at any point previously. This smokesun sounds like me though. I was thinking of hitting up Pacha, Sullivan Room, or Club Exit in Brooklyn. Any ideas anyone? I'm feeling a sense of abandonment from complete strangers.
  12. Good to see everyone here. I had to re-register cuz something's up with my old handle. That's ok, because I didn't post much anyways. I hope someone can lend me a hand. The old lady is out of town and I am having a midlife crisis in my late 20's. I haven't been clubbin since the JP days at Factory (well, maybe a little after that) and I'm going all out. I'm looking for a some good house music, a big(ish) venue, a similar crowd (what's wrong with enjoying cracked out ppl?), but most of all, a hot DJ. I'm looking to hit up the club at around 1am (good time?) on Friday 4/27 and stay till ??? cuz i'll need the tail end of Saturday and Sunday to recover. Now I know i'm out of the loop but I'd appreciate any and all input. Help an old fart out and I'll be indebted to you forever. Thanks in advance, Cranky