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  1. thats right kids dec 14th i am kicking off the newest chapter of NYC's longest running jungle party Bringing that sub frequency flavor from the 212 to the 414
  2. Amateur DJs to go National

    FOr me it was at the demf last yr- the after party frequency response.. i had the midwest stage which was a wall of sound. the floor had about 600 people and one bad mc which i kicked off after 3 mins of my set good times...
  3. well kids its been a fun yr working on these sets and i hope you enjoy them as i know many people have fell free to tell me what you think ez all Wick3d http://kidwick3d.files-upload.com/files/266621/01ElektronikVandalism.m4a
  4. Itttttt's Friday~YaY!

    after a summer of naughty fun-stuff...I am moving to london with my girl peace!
  5. good dnb atricle

    look all im trying to do is promote dialogue on this forum with the topics that intrest me, if you do not wish to participate in a positive manner, then dont post anything...simple as that...and if you hate dnb..good cause im sure it hates you too =p
  6. good dnb atricle

    No, You sound simple minded because of the way you come off about it... so anything that you dont like sucks...is basically the way you come off to me, when you make statements like that. thats what simple minded...i dont like house that much, but i dont think it sucks the only thing that i cant stand nowadays is the new garbage club poppy hip hop and country. but im not going to say either of them suck because they obviously have a massive following, and 15 mins? do the math bro i let you figure out how long its been around, I already know. in any case this is where we agree to disagree im cool with that, its not for everybody....besides its more beats for us
  7. good dnb atricle

    lol. valid statement oh messiah of musical knowledge. its statements like these that make you seem simple minded... just trying to help you really.
  8. good dnb atricle

    haha some novaldex + a hug FTW!!!!
  9. good dnb atricle

    furthermore, im glad that someone as snide as you doesnt care, cause after all its people like you who fuck up the music scene. now go play in traffic kthanks
  10. good dnb atricle

    haha sounds like somebody needs a hug
  11. good dnb atricle

    after reading this article i decided to send the jounalist my thoughts.... I just had the pleasure of reading your article on the dnb scene in NY. Nothing rings clearer than what you said about it not being dead, it is however in a transitional period, I myself being a native new yorker now living in milwakee,WI have been promoting a couple of nights in this city room 434 with my partner Nolan Scott, and i also had a weelky event at three, which like db, expressed the softer,smoother side of this genre. My only concern is that without people like deebs,mac and myself as well as any other promoter and dj who has given their heart to this scene, im sure it will clearly die, most venues and club oners really dont care about what music you play, as long as the drinks are flowing and the cash registers are ringnig more clearly to the music. Sadly I understand the not dancing and nodding all too well, this isnt house music, or hip hop. The producers like noisia, unknonwn error, and state of mind, have tremendous production talent that rivals any other genre out there (if not more) dont make anywhere near the type of revenue per track, or album. This fact begs the question, why do it? Why If you are breaking yourself to make these awesome tracks that only a select few will hear, why do it? Because as you and I know dnb is untainted by commercialism, and is for lack of a better word "pure"and if we dont step up to take control and do everything in our power to have this music heard, it will die. And that will truly be a sad day! Loved your article mate, def food for thought Ez... Scott Tarantino Aka Kid wick3d
  12. good dnb atricle

  13. the book of shadows

    Hey kids..this thread is mostly for junglists, but if anyone is intrested in checking out my book of shadows sets you can either pm me, or message me on myspace and i will sort you out. I dont post my stuff online anymore due to some weak little kid going around passing my sets off as his...fucking little twerp
  14. This or that

  15. hi, i'm new

    yeah you were supposed to call me to for something....i forgot what that was, but yeah im mad at you!!!