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    Los Angeles, CA
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    I love music, photography (especially black and white), art, old cars, driving at night up the coast listening to music, gazing at the stars, being with people I love, dancing in the rain, making a complete fool of myself, laughing, going to shows
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    I work with Cirque Du Soleil.
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  1. Choreographed Singing and Dancing

    Those are just some of things you'll see at the Cirque du Soliel show, Criss Angel Believe. Has anybody seen it? The show was created as a haunting exploration inside the mind of Criss Angel. In the show the audience journeys with Criss between life and death so you can imagine there is a lot more going on than just magic. There's sensual elements, magical elements, music, dancing--there's a lot to be seen!
  2. Do you HAVE to dress up for clubs during Halloween ?

    So did you end up dressing up?
  3. Mix niteclub?

    Got back from Vegas and planning to go back, i wanted to go to Mix in Mandalay Bay but didnt get a chance to couple of my co-workers did though and they said they had a blast there, has anyone else gone there before
  4. What's going on April 21-25

    went where
  5. RIP Frosty Freeze

    oh wat thats crazy
  6. Forty Deuce!

    This club rocks! The host misch was great and friendly. Its at Mandalay Bay if your heading to Las Vegas this summer check it out
  7. Las Vegas Caliber clubs in LA

    most clubs are small places that you wait in line for 2 hours
  8. Hello

    My name is Angel and I'm new to the forum. Figured I'd introduce myself. So hello everyone. A little about me. I'm a native So Cal chick. Been clubbing since I was 16. Not a big partier anymore but still love going out occasionally.