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  1. Most packed clubs/bars in NYC ...

    yea you should have fun. i've been there once and it was cool.
  2. Most packed clubs/bars in NYC ...

    for the brunch party?? make sure u either have some good girls with you or plan on wasting money lol. but if u do go you'll have a great time at merkato
  3. Most packed clubs/bars in NYC ...

    yea like 11:30 should be good.
  4. Most packed clubs/bars in NYC ...

    yeah I had a big smile on my face as I saw all the girls in there lol. theres a hip hop room in m2. last time I went I remember the hip hop room being PACKED at like 4am. both times that i've been to m2 we showed up at like 1am. we did bottle service so we go right in, but there was a big line to get in for regular admission. the doorman is at times selective (hence the 3/2 girl to boy ratio)
  5. Most packed clubs/bars in NYC ...

    the times i've been to m2 its been about a 3/2 ratio of girls to boys. what kind of party are you and your friends trying to go to on saturday?? for a mix of everything i'll say marquee. if you like house i'll say check out pink elephant. pink elephant is not like how it used to be but you'll still have fun and should be packed. when my cousin and his friend came to visit from germany almost 2 years ago I took them too pink elephant and we all had a great time
  6. Most packed clubs/bars in NYC ...

    haha i'm just like you when it comes to packed clubs. the majority of my friends hate it but I love it. i've been to M2 on a friday and saturday night (pretty recentlyk and have both been packed. the hip hop room there might be too packed but if u enjoy house like me then you'll have fun in the main room. there's also marquee (walking distance from m2) and a bunch of other clubs in that area. most of those other clubs around m2 are SMALL but definitely packed. i'm suppose to go to this club called vesta on friday for a birthday, but my friends and I might honestly end up going to m2
  7. I remember that wass dude working the guestlist at some nike party I went to a couple years ago. he was a real cool dude
  8. Breaking: Plax Shoots Self At Prana

    thought it was latin quarters. anyway he's an idiot. gonna lose millions from this
  9. has anyone been to casbah in atlantic city lately?? is it good?? i'm thinking about going there on saturday for halloween
  10. Need Help For Parties on June 21st

    thanks. we wanted to make it friday but saturday is the only day we're all free. is pacha 21+ on saturdays?? I saw a flyer for the 21st but it didn't say what age. if anythin i'll call them tomorrow
  11. what's up fellow clubplaneteers... my friends and I are looking for a club to go to on june 21st that would let 19 yr olds in. its my friend's 21st bday and he wants us all to hit up a club, but some of us are 19 (and they're boys). we were looking into webster hall but they are having a special dj june 21st, and anytime its a special night at webster the lines are CRAZY. we thought about club one in queens but non of us are too excited about it. if anyone knows a good club that plays good music (anything from house to reggae) and is full of people having fun and dancing that is 19+ please let me know. ur help is grealy appreciated. p.s. I have access to some of the latest house and reggae songs/mixes from some of ur favorite dj's so i'll be willing to pass some ur way for helping me.
  12. Both N.Y.C. Virgin Megastores to Close

    damn... I remember going in there when I was younger to listen to albums to see if they were good before I bought them. I wonder what they're turning the times square one into
  13. 19+ parties on 2/16??

    I know. we tried to make it friday but saturday is the night we all free. we was gonna get a limo and all that too
  14. 19+ parties on 2/16??

    what's up guys. does anyone know of any?? we're thinking of going to webster hall that day for my friend's bday but I wanted to know what other choices we have. thanks