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  1. New Management Deal Signed for Vegas Music Conference

    You're right Dan, I will never be a part of the "Vegas Music Conference" cause it doesn't exist, remember? I am a part of the "Vegas Music Experience" www.702X.com so Dan, you can blog away your nonsense. Send me a message from myspace.....oops I forgot that doesn't exist either.....what happend to that??? the reality is your in San Diego with a website that lists 400 companies that you say you've worked with (which NONE have ever heard from you) I paid for your flight and hotel to Las Vegas twice and cause you have no JOB>>>>> try working like the rest of us
  2. New Management Deal Signed for Vegas Music Conference

    This Article Is Bullshit. I'm Going To Post The Letter From The Attorney That Explains What Really Is Going On With The Vegas Music Conference!!! Get A Job Dan!!!!