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  1. emoticons

    can't get enough of em.
  2. I'm a newby

    the two of you are in every newbie thread? i feel so unspecial now.
  3. hi, i'm new

    thank you for resurrecting this thread! noob threads got to stay alive !
  4. clubs in minneapolis mn?

    it turns out that richie hawtin, magda, baby ford and zip are all playing in Minneapolis this week. anyone got any more suggestions? i hear Dinkytown is a good place, i.e. the Kitty Kat Club, but i checked their schedule and it seems like hit or miss there.
  5. hey

    um, hey
  6. cliff notes

    1. why do your posts get deleted? 2. i want to hear the juice! heh heh.
  7. cliff notes

    club planet cliff notes? anyone?
  8. hi, i'm new

  9. whats your fave summer beer?

    blue moon, tsing tao, king fisher
  10. hi, i'm new

    people on here are friendly!
  11. hi, i'm new

    i got bored on the other boards so i've come here.
  12. hi, i'm new

  13. anyone know any good spots to go to in the mini apple? looking for good house/techno locations. small to mid sized clubs. would appreciate any info, thnks.
  14. hi, i'm new

    just saying hi