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  1. WET GROOVES w/Harry Choo Romero - Parantula 6/21

    Discounted pre-sale tickes on sale now at www.wantickets.com/wetgroovesmiami
  2. America's sexiest touring pool party splashes down in Miami once again, only this time we're makin waves in the city's hottest and most popular venue! Nocturnal Terrace plays host to Wet Grooves Miami (Summer Session) on Saturday June 21! Join SUBLIMINAL recording artist HARRY CHOO CHOO ROMERO and JUICY MUSIC artists PARANTULA for a highly anticipated night of house beats and sexy treats! Pre-sale tickets on sale now at www.wantickets.com/wetgroovesmiami
  3. hope 2 c all of you at shine tomorrow night. nick terranova is gonna rip it proper!
  4. Text FIRE to 26469 for info & alerts!
  5. The Shelborne present Street Vision at Art Basel Looking at our world from the eyes of a Retired Cop, A Photojournalist, and a passionate and whimsical Furniture Artist and challenged Children, The Shelborne Beach Resort (Collins and 18th) has created “Street Vision†for Art Basel. The landmark 1938 beachfront hotel, has housed celebrities from Sammy David Jr. and Dionne Warwick to Jazzy Jeff and Wyclef Jean. Having recently received a face-lift the Shelborne has a new pool deck, 125 renovated rooms, a new GM Stuart Weintraub and a new team of forward thinking individuals. “We snagged Dennis Wheeler, a International Marketing and PR person from NYC, and Michela Hattox from the Clevelander as Manager of Food and Beverage and GM for our club Shine, says Jon Cowan. The team has searched the streets, asked friends, the city, and schools in search of a talent that they loved. “We created a utopia from 4 different visions of the world, says Weintraub, each in its own way makes you think and feel laughter, peace, anger, sadness or joy. The artists featured this week are not represented by a gallery, and have never been to Art Basel. The Shelborne plans to have 4 more exhibits this year, and will continue to use their lobby as a place to introduce new talent. Painter – Julio Herrera-Fernandez A self-taught artist, Julio Herrera-Fernandez was born in Havana Cuba in the early 50s. He created his first drawing at the age of six a few years before leaving his native surroundings to the U.S. with his father in 1962. His mother encouraged his artwork joined them seven years later when Herrera was 17. In the sixties his greatest influence was the art of Peter Max. Herrera-Fernandez studied most of the masters on his own practicing different techniques expressionism, fauvism, and surrealism movement were areas he directed his attention. In 1973 he joined the Miami Police Department while continuing his education, until 1977 when he graduated from Miami-Dade Community College with an associates in arts. As a quarter of a century flew by continuing to paint his impressions of the life he saw behind the badge and on the streets of Miami, Herrera – Fernandez retired in 1997. Julio Herrera-Fernandez is a mellow individual, painting and traveling on his free time, his works based upon his dreams, thoughts, experiences, and/or mere reflections of his life and times. Photographer - Jeffrey Langlois Growing up in Charlotte County, Florida, Jeffrey Langlois took an interest in photography and chose the medium over drawing and painting. He started as a staff photographer at the Charlotte Sun in 2000. During his time at the Sun, Langlois earned many accolades for his photojournalism techniques. After moving to Palm Beach in the fall of 2003 he began freelancing for Getty Images and for a local portrait studio. In early 2005 he began working at the Palm Beach Daily News where his work has reached beyond the island town. During his career Jeffrey has been published in many national and international magazines and newspapers and continues to work daily in one of the world's most prestigious communities. Children of Shake-a-Leg Miami The Shelborne Hotel 1801 Collins Ave., December 6-9, 2007 is hosting an art exhibit during “Art Basel†by the children of Shake-A-Leg Miami. Biscayne Bay’s reefs, islands, boats, plants and animals are the theme of the student’s art with brilliant tropical colors of watery blues, bougainvillea fuchsias, oranges and reds. The children’s art is being showcased as a result of a program that was designed by Cynthia Shelley who is the Director of the Art Center at Shake-A-Leg Miami. Cynthia recently wrote and was awarded the Youth Enrichment Program grant (YEP) from Miami Dade’s Cultural Affairs. This grant will enable her program to take the students through an entrepreneurial art tract of the “business of art†and ultimately the “art of businessâ€. The Shake-A-Leg students will follow a program designed to educate youths, who would not ordinarily have the opportunity, to learn the basic skills of business. The Mission of Shake-A-Leg Miami is to improve the health, education, employability and independence of challenged children in South Florida and from around the world. Many of the students are autistic, of low cognitive ability and or physically disabled, others are from “Title 1†schools, and all are underserved and disadvantaged . Furniture Artist Kfir Gweta Kfir Gweta is a passionate artist. He says: “it just happened spontaneously, no plans†His pieces say it all: The movement, the colors, the meaning. Each piece is one of a kind. Born in Israel 1975 he practiced Martial Arts all his life until he joined the army. He thought he will become a Martial arts’ teacher but instead he went to technical school for Hair Styling, with no reason to become a hair stylist he became one of the best in what he had learned. He then worked in the best salon in Tel Aviv “It just happened I did not plan to be a hair stylist, but I love it†He says. As a recognized hair stylist, he came to America traveling and working in the most prestigious salons in places as Los Angeles, New York, Miami and others, where he met the most interesting people. With sufficient money for rent he then moved to Miami. Deciding to get some wood and build the furniture for his apartment, Kfir’s eyes were then open to the beauty of working with wood and colors. He expresses himself through his art. He mentions: “I feel something inside going to explode†and it has exploded beautifully through his art. “I dedicate myself and all my time, for creating beauty and meaning, in me, for me, my family, and the people around. I am still trying to create the best art work and I know I am on my wayâ€. Today Kfir Lives in Hollywood Florida, creating his pieces right from his backyard where he finds his peace. His art pieces symbolize, love, relationship, friendship, connection, temptation, struggle, beauty, patience and happiness. Each piece is one of a kind. “Functional sculpture†“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.†For more information interviews contact: Dennis Wheeler [email protected]
  6. Set Times: 10 - 1 >>> MatteLove 1 - 5 >>> STARKILLERS
  7. STARKILLERS VIDEOS http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=23009906 - Philadelphia http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=11501478 - McAllen, TX http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=19894615 - Washington DC http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=13188902 - Las Vegas - Las Vegas - Ft. Lauderdale - Salt Lake City - San Antonio - Dallas
  8. Starkillers Interview - Nick Terranova & Austin Leeds From DJ Ron Slomowicz, From the track of WMC to the most-booked DJ, its been a wild year for the Starkillers. The track "Diskoteka" definitely made the "beat go boom" and launched Nick Terranova and Austin Leeds into the stratosphere. Massive remixes of Paul Oakenfold, Iio, and John Creamer & Stephane K filled out the year that was punctuated by the followup smash "Scream." You've got to love Nick & Austin, if only for the simple fact that they are the first people I've interviewed to thank their parents for their support. DJ Ron Slomowicz: Last year at Winter Music Conference, your song "Diskoteka" was played at every event – you couldn't escape hearing the song. This year, you're spinning every event everywhere. So how has the year in between been? Nick Terranova: It's been really goofy. DocDJ.com Remix Radio LATune in to 24/7 club/party DJ mixes by remix producer Doc DJ. Free! www.DocDJ.com We've had a lot of success - Austin has been a part of a lot of it. It's just amazing, because last year I came and barely anybody knew me but they knew my song. Now this year, we have thirteen gigs, playing all the clubs and headlining. So it's definitely been an awesome year. RS: One of your big successes this year was the remix of Oakenfold's "Sex and Money." What was that like? Nick Terranova: I actually have a story about that. Seven years ago I met Oakenfold in Las Vegas when I was opening for him at this club called CTK. I said that I want to learn how to produce and be like you and asked what does it take to be a producer. A couple of months ago when he was at Jet in Las Vegas, after I did the remix, he didn't really know it was me. I went up to him and I said hey remember when I talked to you, seven years ago when I opened for you at CTK's? He said 'yes, yes, yes.' I said that 'I'm the guy that did your remix.' He was like 'wow, oh my God, that's so amazing.' RS: Was he one of your inspirations? Nick Terranova: Yes. He's been around for a long time. Everybody has heard his name and he's the pioneer of the whole trance thing. All the big guys are my inspiration. RS: You've done several remixes this year, but rather than go for the big pop stars, you've kept it really credible – like your mix of Iio. How did you approach that mix – with Nadia's unique vocal style. Nick Terranova: Basically, I didn't give a crap about what they wanted, I did what I thought was cool. It was a hard BPM to work with, taking the song from 100 BPM to 128 because there was a lot of vibrato and its ends up sounding like a chipmunk. I did my own thing and at first they didn't want it. Marcus Moser of iio/Made asked where was the vocal mix. How many vocal mixes do you want, you already have four? Let this go and see what happens. The mix went number one and everybody loved it. RS: Then there was the Serge Devant record with Kyven. Is it hard to work with a male vocal? Nick Terranova: No, he has a good voice. The guy was definitely inspiring the track and Sergio is a good producer who writes very well. It was a very good vocal to work with. I like it when people present you with a credible vocal or something good where you can really compliment the original one. RS: Turning to your original prouductions. With Scream, is there a story behind that song? Nick Terranova: Yes, there was a big story behind that song. Austin Leeds: I don't think there's a story, it was just about listening to a vibe. Nick Terranova: It probably comes from me and you arguing about it. Austin Leeds: That's the end product, but the birth was about really feeling Miami. After the "Diskoteka" single, which has a really sexy sultry vocal. The first part I kind of just came up with and then we came up with the second part which is a bit dirtier. It just kind of came together really. Nick Terranova: Austin didn't want that "would your girlfriend call me a whore" party – he hated it. All the girls loved that part so I kind of smack him around about it. Austin Leeds: I maybe wanted to be a bit more subtle or a bit more mysterious but that's what naturally happened with the vocal and everything. RS: This Dirty Sounds Volume 1 CD that's coming out – is that a remix album or a producer album? Nick Terranova: That's me, Nick from Starkillers, and it's a compilation of all of the Starkillers' work. Its basically a showcase of my remixes and the sound that I've developed over the last year. RS: What's the difference between Starkillers and Terranova and Austin Leads? Nick Terranova: Nick Teranova is Starkillers. Austin Leads is my partner and he helps me write everything and he's definitely there and doing stuff, but Nick Teranova is Starkillers. Teranova and Austin Leads is what we do together as a group and it's bit more of a serious vocal-driven sound. Starkillers is a bit more commercial and for the big audience. Austin Leeds: Starkillers has a unique sound and it's an energy, but I think on our own we just tend to explore a little bit more underground. Sponsored Links RS: So when you're in the studio are you working in Logic, Nuendo, Protools? Nick Terranova: We use Reason… No, I'm just kidding. We can't get our sound out of Reason. Basically we use Logic and that's it. Everything you hear from us from Discothèque to Only You or Dirty Sound or whatever, it's all Logic and a few third-party synths. RS: Are you spinning live on CD, vinyl, or laptop now? Nick Terranova: I'm spinning on CD because vinyl is a bitch to travel with. RS: When you two work together, do you do separate parts or just collaborate completely? Austin Leeds: Pretty much collaborating as both of us are engineer and know Logic and other programs. We both know how to program and know our way around so it makes it easy. Even with vocals, Nick's a lot better with melodies and maybe I'm a little bit better at piecing the words together. Nick Terranova: I mean basically it's not a DJ and producer team. I'd been producing before I met Austin. I was doing a lot of commercials and film work. We both know the programs and can do arrangement and programming. When I stop he goes and when he stops I go, so it kind of works that way. RS: What's your record of the Conference? Nick Terranova: I like this Adam Freemer record "Underground." I like the drums and everything, he's really done a good job with that. Austin Leeds: I'm kind of a purist so I really have to sort of dig deep. There's this track from Noir, who did "My MTV," called "All About House Music" which just got new remixes by Peter Gelderblom. It's a gimmick track with the spoken vocal, but its really good. RS: And what do you want to say to all your fans? Nick Terranova: Thanks guys, we appreciate it. You are awesome for real. Austin Leeds: Thanks for the support, buying the music and playing the tracks. Nick Terranova: And thanks to mum and dad…
  9. www.myspace.com/firemiami Thursday December 6, 2007 CARPE NOCTEM EVENTS & WET GROOVES present FIRE Miami Art Basel Launch Party Text FIRE to 26469 for info & alerts! SHINE 1801 COLLINS AVE. South Beach Miami, FL. 33139 10p – 5a The Dirty Sound Tour STARKILLERS aka NICK TERRANOVA (Las Vegas) Star 69 – Spinnin’ – Terratraxx - Ultra www.myspace.com/starkillers www.myspace.com/nickterranova www.terratraxx.com MATT-e-LOVE www.myspace.com/djmattelove www.redfishmedia.com SKIN Miami resident Go Go performances by Jasmine & Megan Tickets on sale now at www.groove tickets.com Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Info: www.myspace.com/firemiami / www.shinesouthbeach.com
  10. FIRE Miami w/Starkillers - Thursday, Dec. 6 @ INK

    ***IMPORTANT UPDATE >>> VENUE CHANGE*** The Thursday, December 6 Fire event will NOT be at Ink! The new venue is SHINE Please make note of the change...The Art Basil Launch party will now be at Shine inside the Shelborne Hotel!
  11. nice! got peeps comin in from all over to this one! one week baby!
  12. 1 week baby! til the biggest baddest pool party hits the east coast!
  13. a message from BT on his latest project: "Upcoming movie "Look" filmed entirely on surveillence cameras will be released in just a few weeks. I did all the music. An updated version of the cd will be released with two new tracks! 30mil cameras watching our every move! Who's watching you?" happy B
  14. a message from BT on his latest project: "Upcoming movie "Look" filmed entirely on surveillence cameras will be released in just a few weeks. I did all the music. An updated version of the cd will be released with two new tracks! 30mil cameras watching our every move! Who's watching you?" happy B
  15. a message from BT on his latest project: "Upcoming movie "Look" filmed entirely on surveillence cameras will be released in just a few weeks. I did all the music. An updated version of the cd will be released with two new tracks! 30mil cameras watching our every move! Who's watching you?" happy B