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  1. Amateur DJs to go National

    All three had some nice expierences aye... Ever wanna battle it out to make it to a radio station & spinnin live for literally thousands to hear? Talk 'bout gettin a break, huh? YarisvsYaris is hosting a battle right now & they're calling out ALL DJs from across the U.S. to battle & get their break. Submit your original mixes to YARISvsYARIS & tell your friends to vote for you!
  2. Amateur DJs to go National

    Yeahhh doesn't get any better than that, right? Living where I live, it's hard to get a gig that's big enough to get your name out there, which sucks. What's the biggest gig that anyone on here had the chance to have?
  3. Newb

    Hey everyone!! I'm new to this forum and since I want to get into spinning at night, I just thought I'd come here to be able to talk to others who are into what i am into. I'm Kris from the west coast & hope to get the chance to talk to you all here!