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  1. Addiction Digital proudly presents the debut of Identikal Feat the Massive Olly Perris Remix OUT NOW! New London-based act Identikal (aka Lee Walls & Dan Bartholemew) deliver their debut cut 'Solaris', a hard trancer drenched in urgent euphoria. With Greg Brookman on engineering duties the beats are tight, and the boys let their melody shine in pure style. Addiction label boss & Mixmag Future Hero Olly Perris delivers a tougher remix fusing some neat pianos with his trademark boshing beats. Original Mix You may be forgiven for not having heard of Identikal (aka London-based Dan Bartholomew & Lee Walls) before, because these boys are fresh on the scene and hungry to make their first impact. Well, by the power of Greyskull, they have. 'Solaris' is the first musical fruit of their loins and, with the expertice of Greg Brookman on engineering duties; they have delivered an absolute slammer. 'Solaris' is stuffed with Ibiza-esque melodies, booming drums and contains of the finest build-up's we've heard all year. A guaranteed dancefloor rocker, this is another 100% essential Addiction release. Watch out for Identikal this year, we have a sneaky suspicion they're going to make it rather large... Olly Perris Remix Addiction label manager & Mixmag Future Hero Olly Perris turns out a thumping remix, giving the riffs from the original a firm boot up the backside and jam-packing the percussion with more energy than is healthy. With the addition of some neat piano stabs and some thumping hardstyle bass hits in the break, this is a unique, fresh approach to the sound of UK hard trance, and one that has been tried & tested by the hard dance A list already and is proven to cause maximum carnage. Huge! “One of the fore most hard-dance digital labels returns with a floor-filler. Identikal, with a little help from Greg Brookman on engineering duties, turns in a track that’s sure to mark his arrival on the hard-dance scene. Tight production and simple yet effective grooves and synths will have hips swaying to this one, but its Olly Perris’s remix that just shades it as the stand out version in this package. The remix has a little more attitude, whilst using the original elements to their fullest, making what was good, just that little bit better.†- Jason Cortez, M8 Magazine Review, Score: M7/M8 “Another solid release from the Addiction stable.... This is a shapely release from the relatively new production duo of Dan Bartholomew and Lee Wallis showing that the boys are developing into ones to watch. It’s pumped up, pacey trance with neat builds and tidy hook but its Addictions own Olly Perris that steals the limelight injecting more urgency into the track.†- Guffy, MixMag review, Score: 4/5 “Absolutely awesome, for two newcomers this is top work, pushes all the right buttons for me and what a build up..... this will cause some serious dancefloor damage!!!!†– Steve Blake (Impact Recordings) “ A real thumper of a tune here which was produced by London Based 'Identikal' who are Dan Bartholomew and Lee Wallis, and features a remix by IDJ's own 'Olly Perris.' The 'Original' is a soaring hard-trancer which works a treat on the right dance-floor and the Remix is slightly trancier but certainly pulls no punches and again is a dance-floor destroyer.†– Danny Slade, iDJ Magazine review Score 5/5 “Olly's mix for me - great peak time anthem.†- Ian Betts (HeatUK, SixThirty Records) For full length track clips please visit our brand new and extremely sexy Addiction MySpace @… MySpace.com/AddictionClubbing Don’t forget to add us! The ‘Solaris’ mixes are available to purchase NOW via download from the following websites… Addictionclubbing.com Trackitdown.net TidyDigital.com JunoDownload.com DJDownload.com (Buy 5 get 1 FREE !) Audiojelly.com Beats Digital The Remix EP’s 3 & 4 Land on Wednesday August 1st! Check out our MySpace for samples and more info!
  2. Addiction Digital proudly brings you Kenzie and Cobain ‘Safeguard Feat Airmech, Ross MacKenzie & JTB Remixes OUT NOW! Serving up a delicious delight of diversity with our next release, Addiction Digital are proud to welcome Kenzie and Cobain as the latest addition to the UK’s #1 Hard Trance Download label. Renowned for their various releases on V8 recordings, and last year’s ‘Randomize’ released on Nukleuz Green, Kenzie and Cobain have this time enlisted the vocal services of Clare Canty, famed for her vocals on the timeless club anthem ‘I can’t Help Myself’ by Lucid. With support from Airscape’s Johan Gielen, Radio 1 airplay from Kutski, and 6 weeks of play list support from Kiss FM’s Nikki Elise, you won’t need us to tell you that this is huge! Airmech Mix (Original) After releasing stunning tracks on Nukleuz, V8 Recordings and more, UK newcomers Kenzie & Cobain strike pure gold with this awesome vocal-led trancer. Featuring the vocals of Clare Canty, the vocalist from Lucid's dance anthem 'I Can't Help Myself', 'Safeguard' is a majestic, beautifully crafted record with appeal for both home/iPod listening and enough panache to ensure this kicks arse out on the floors. The Airmech Remix is the softer of the three mixes on offer on this release but that doesn't mean it doesn't contain a sting in the tail.. would it be an Addiction Digital release otherwise?! Nikki Elise play listed this on Kiss FM for 6 weeks and Johan Gielen (of Airscape fame) is giving it his full support.. so who are we to argue! An anthem in the making with one of the best vocal deliveries we've ever heard. Ross MacKenzie Remix Ross Mackenzie decides to go solo on the first reworking and boy, does he turn in a stormer! Comprising tough beats and a truly irresistible groove, Ross aims to move your feet and wiggle your hips with this stinging tech-influenced remix, twisting up the vocal and riff to buggery but keeping the arrangement solid and perfectly orientated to dance floors. When we first heard this, we couldn't sit still, and we don't think you'll be able to either! JTB (John The Baptist) Remix If the first two mixes didn't quite do it for you for some bizarre reason, then this will finish you off well and truly. Rising hard trance star Jon The Baptist (aka JTB) turns out an absolutely devastating hard trance remix which has already been picked up and played by the one and only Kutski on Radio 1. Turning in a roof-raising Germanic trance monster, this is no-nonsense material only for the toughest dance floors in town. Ladies and gentlemen, we present an anthem! “Love it mate, top tune, especially the Airmech and Mackenzie mixes! Deffo in the box!!†– Marcos “I love the safeguard track and mixes... favourite is Ross Mackenzie mix... definately a track I will be playing out and will stay in my box for a while to come! love the vocal.†– Amber D “Safeguard (JTB remix)- wicked track with a really rolling dirty bassline. Love the breakdown as well. This is the type of hard trance I like to drop in and amongst my tech trance, it lifts the crowd.†– Marc Vedo (Slinky) “Good Work†- John O’Callaghan “Top Track!! I played the JTB remix on the show last week!†- Kutski (Radio1) “Strong package there, Airmech mix works.†- Si Paul (Lost Witness) Check out the review on Harderfaster.net below Harderfaster.net review here For full length track clips please visit… MySpace.com/AddictionClubbing The ‘Safeguard’ mixes are available to purchase NOW via download from the following websites… Addictionclubbing.com Trackitdown.net TidyDigital.com JunoDownload.com DJDownload.com (Buy 5 get 1 FREE !) Audiojelly.com Beats Digital The SQ EP feat ‘See Into Me’ & ‘No Idea’ If you haven’t already grabbed it, then head straight to one of the above websites and check out ‘See Into Me’ and ‘No Idea’. Having only debuted on Addiction Digital last month, newcomer Nick Squires AKA SQ has already smashed the record books and his 1st ever EP has become one of our biggest ever sellers! Identikal ‘Solaris’ feat Olly Perris Rmx - OUT July 1st! Keep your eyes peeled on MySpace.com/AddictionClubbing for samples of this massive EP coming soon!