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  1. Mixing BMW-parts

    Hello everybody ! Here's a complete newby as far as kitcar building goes. I'm still (for a long time now) thinking about what to built and if I could make it work. My choice was almost made for an Autotune Gemini, but recently I found out about the Marlin Sportster. I like the BMW idea of this built, so I'm considering the options now. My actual question is: Could I use suspension, gear box, rear axle etc. of E30 BMW's and use the BMW E36 M3 engine, wiring loom etc ? I think it would be cheaper to use as much E30 parts as possible, but I like the M3 engine ... Besides that I read somewhere that using E36 suspension, axle, diff bits give more trouble in mounting ? Or is this all just coming out of the mind of a mad man and would I better buy a complete E36 M3 ? Finally perhaps anyone who says that an M3 enginge is not necessary or useless anyway ? Like to read your thoughts on this ! Guess I'll might have some more questions/thoughts before and after the purchase ! Hope to read some usefell stuff ! Cheers !