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  1. I am sorry I thought you asked if congress could stop the war and to my knowledge the only way they can do it is to cut off funding. I am sure the reason they have not has a lot to do with what you said,plus Bush's veto pen. I am not for abandoning the troops, but how many more years should they have to stay, if they started pulling out right now it would take 18-24 months to get out alltogether, according to the pentagon. WW2 didnt take this long.
  2. I dont think we bring them all home, i think we have to keep some in Iraq some in Kuwait as well as Afghanistan, but 90% of the forces in Iraq should be pulled and sent elsewhere. As far as risk level we have been at a yellow alert since 9/11 we are always going to be at risk as far as terrorism. I wish we had spent more time and money on homeland security in the first place, it wasnt Saddam that attacked us. The whole thing was a lie from the begininng.
  3. Well they could cut off funding for the troops but of course that would be risky and probably backlash on them, but technically the congress controls the purse. Bush knows they dont have the guts to do it.
  4. A big part of the problem is peoples expectations of what Congress can do, they thought they elected a Congress to end the war, the fact is, it is going to take a little more to actually end this mess.
  5. I dont know how to set up a direct link from here, just enter democrat.org in your search engine and then go to partybuilder section.
  6. Really, who was the first candidate you voted for President and what year was it?
  7. How do you arrive at that decision?
  8. I can live with that , have you never voted in an election?
  9. Glad you checked in looking forward to the debate, if you want come check out The Democratic Party website, its called partybuilder, all the candidates are represented, we have one thing in common, Stop the War!
  10. I am prepared to defend and answer all charges against Hillary Clinton on this thread. Bring it on.
  11. Happy Independence Day!!

    Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!!
  12. Free Paris Hilton!!!

    I must say I am kind of amazed at how many views this is still getting. Anyway I too hope she does something positive for those less fortunate than herself, some sorta Paris Hilton house or whatever it is she comes up.
  13. What do you consider to old to club?

    The New girls seem to think 30's. i dont know.
  14. Free Paris Hilton!!!

    Good stuff in that CNN article, wonder how the Larry King will go tonight. Didnt Chuck Berry serve time again in the 80's for tax evasion or something?
  15. Free Paris Hilton!!!

    You do always seem thoughtful