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  1. I'm a SoCal head here. Huge weekend coming up! Avalon on Hollywood and Vine on Sat. We'll be tearing up the dance floor there 'till 4ish----at which point I'm changing out of my Hugo Boss suit into Dickies and a wife beater & we're going to make like an amoeba and head out towards MoonTribe's Anniversary party 4x4 style! That's going on till Monday, so looks like I'll be missing a little work. Well, I wouldn't say I've been missing it--Bob! If you're in LA, come to the Avalon and MAYBE you can get the directions to MoonTribe. It's not me, they just like to keep it very hush hush, and I can appreciate that. It is the BIZ of all BIZZZZZZZZ!!! I can tell you this much, if you're a fine 'lil lady(s), you will most likely find someone passing the directions to you very discreetly. You gotta be a pretty down ass homie if you're a guy to get 'em, but it does happen, yet not that often at all. Again, their rules that I'm adhering to happily. So come to Avalon on SAT., let us step lively!!!! Can anyone explain to me why I can't upload a profile photo? Goddamn machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --------------------------------Jason Telesfore Henning If not here -- get at me on MySpace-- user name -- JASON TELESFORE HENNING