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  1. Banned from NCC

  2. Banned from NCC

    oh i am - and thanks
  3. Banned from NCC

    whatever you hear dread about my ass probably came from you STALKIN my OWN comments about myself . its good to be a hard on yourself - this way you never let yourself go. And i still look good with some xtra weight on - Perks of being 5'8 i guess. Yes those are all pics of me and nothing is fake.
  4. Banned from NCC

    lol. why are you so angry?
  5. Banned from NCC

    girl i dont even post here....i came here bc woo told me about these fuckwits...lol. im sure they are cool once you get to knwo them - but upfront WOW....its like a seizure in here.
  6. Banned from NCC

    Even i cant see the picture. ur a stalker with no life btw.
  7. Banned from NCC

    wow yoru right. my marriage is going to fail miserably in 3 years bc im a huge whore (and a prude at the same time). damn you know me so well.
  8. Banned from NCC

    good to know. cunt stain..lol. now ur trying to get sassy with me?
  9. Banned from NCC

    wow - do you steal everything you say from the radio?
  10. Banned from NCC

    yes im hot. and im married so id rather not share my nudies with you. they are for one man only. and she bumped up the old thread bc sometimes you have to wait until you are rational to discuss someone elses stupid fucking behavior.
  11. Banned from NCC

    who is this guy - and why does he know my name? and why are you so concerned with Woo;s tits that you have to make a fuckign thread abotu it prancing your tiny little ballsac around about how proud you are that her and I are mad at you. thats some life to be proud of kiddo. Why dun ya go pick up a penis pump and work out yoru small slice of manhood - maybe you will feel a LITTLE better about yourself....or at least good enough that you can stop postin pictures of girls tits trying to embarass them. ur embarassing. i hope you fall in a puddle of burning gynorehha you fucking papsmear.
  12. holyfucknutz

    hi. im new.