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  1. whats up everyone?

    actually, ill just ask aloud what i want to know. Ive been in the club scene for quite a few years now, from rave to rock. im a biomed engineer now, and fucking hate it. i want to make a career somewhere in the nightlife, and eventually open my own club. my question is.. ive been looking at full sail school for their music business and entertainment business courses. all of my credits xfer from my prior degree and i was wondering if its worthwhile? i have a lot of connections currently, and plan on building more, but is going to school for the business aspects worthwhile? i would eventually love to land promoter/manager something in that area, until i can open my own club. i know how they run quitewell, jsut dont understand a lot of the math and business aspects, contract negotiations etc. is full sail worthwhile?
  2. whats up everyone?

    whats up all? Hows everyone doin? im new to the site, i found it while poppin some research on club promotion stuff. anyway if any promoters or club owners read this plz PM me, i gots a question i need help with, nothing scene wise like opening a new club or buying promoters, just a generalized question about the industry. other than that, im free for any chat or parties in the tri state area, MD or VA. also, ill be moving to orlando in like 3 months, so any heads from down there have party spots let me know, ill be moving to winter park.