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  1. Plastic hair!

    huh? i have never heard of plastic hair tubes?
  2. Hair Wax

    bliss spa, www.blissworld.com..its called poetic wax (high quality salon wax)
  3. tattoo - do your parents know?

    when i got mine, my mom saw it accidentally and she commented on "how ugly" it was but eventually she got over it. no sense in being mad about something you have no power over!
  4. Spray Tanning

    just go natural, anything like sprays of self tanners always end up unnatural looking no matter how "great" the brand....
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    right now.....van buren on xm radio
  6. What do you consider to old to club?

    depends on the club and atmosphere i would say. some clubs cater 2 different age groups...
  7. Why R Hartford clubs closed by court order?

    party don't last 4 ever, all good things come to an end...
  8. what up peeps - so i'm the new girl

    i'm liking the name. classy and sexy. yeah
  9. Have you ever been abused by security?

    unfortunately i think this is a regular occurance at clubs all over the country. people do act up in clubs and need to be thrown out. from doing so, i think these meatheads develop an ego and a sense of power that they take advantage of. i think of it like a cop. they thrive on having some type of authoriy and end up abusing innocent people. its sad really that they are so unintelligent. people end up being scared of them when you are supposed 2 look 4 them 4 protection. idiots.
  10. hiliary clinton is a bitch that is not fit 4 president. holla.
  11. Festivus @ Central Park, Sat 7/14

    central park concert venue is pretty good. no matter where you sit ur close. just saw phil lesh there. i don't necessarliy like him but i went along 4 the ride..
  12. Mens Fashion

    definatley club monaco. basic cloths with no brand names splashed all over the place, thats tacky
  13. Mens Fashion

    definately club monaco
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    "Ex-Girl Collection" - The Wrens
  15. New Mix For Download!