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  1. Dear Mr. Dom, When I saw the flyer with you and stakka vs. skynet I knew it was too good to be true. Even though the crew who was throwing the party was basically unknown in this little “scene†we have. I trusted that anything with your name as well as stakka & skynet would have been DISGUSTING. I’m very disappointed that we couldn’t have shown you guys how us real heads get down to drum and bass. I’m sorry that this corny, stupid crew wasted your guys time. I should have known better since the flyer advertised skynet vs. stakka and not the other way around. Although there were other dyslexic elements to the wack flyer that beared your names, I, and I’m sure many others were very naïve to not question the legitimacy of this suspect lineup. Especially when it was a supposed breakdance competition illustrated foremost, and not the lineup itself to the contrary. The corny flyer emphasized a “breakdance competition†w/ cash & prizes as the gimmick while non chalantly mentioning Dom & Roland and the rest of the lineup in small print on the other side. Any half wit, fundamental marketing strategy should have done it the other way around. This in my opinion, threw me and a lot of other people off. Still though, I’m sorry my home town couldn’t have a better crew to host you guys. With the exception to Koldfront, (who actually know a small bit about putting on a half decent event) DnB here sucks for the most part, but there are still real heads who have faith. I hope you would still like to come back to Philly and murder it, maybe one day when we get our game up again, (if that ever happens.) What you saw on Saturday night WASN’T the true philly DnB massive. I went because I had faith, but apparently it was too good to be true. I don’t want you to have a bad impression of Philly just because a wack, novice, unknown crew who threw it doesn‘t have a the slightest clue. I’m sorry, you, stakka and skynet wasted your time with this rubbish when you could have been tearing it down and rinsing it for the real players. I love drum and bass so much and it was just a slap in the face for us true soldiers to really see how it panned out. These “Amateurs†who decide to start throwing parties should learn how to market & promote these events before wasting everybody’s time. I hope you three got home safely! Best wishes, Unknown admirer