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  1. Breaks in Vegas?

    i checked out slide last night - it was a little disappointing... they were playing 80s/90s hiphop up until around 1 - good, but not really breaks. then they got old school with the bboys doing their thing and the room got all hyped. but that only lasted for like 5 tracks? then they went right back into hiphop. i cut out around 3 - they never went back to the old school shit.
  2. Breaks in Vegas?

    nice! will definitely check that one out.
  3. Breaks in Vegas?

    i'm gonna be in Vegas 7/22-7/29... i don't care if its underground or a big club - i just wanna hear some breaks at least a little bit. anyone have any pointers? thanks. -A
  4. hey

    names Adam. just stumbled onto this place during a long boring morning at work. i've got a radio show on breaksfm.com every wednesday night at 9PM pacific. check it out and give me a holler. -A