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  1. I went out and I literally saw a guy skipping around the room to music. Skipping. Not to dis the person that was doing it, but wow that was unexpected.
  2. JP in Miami Saturday 9/1...at Gryphon?

    Also if you are a guy make sure you bring some ladies and prepare to do some door chatting with the door guy. That place really acts a lot like SOBE clubs in the heart of Hollywood. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as a weekly place to go for fun. Fun shouldn't be a bunch of hard work and actually have to smooozze with a door guy in order to get into somewhere.
  3. The Trannies at Voodoo Lounge

    Women do go to voodoo on sundays. I go out usually just to drink and dance cus yes gay nights at clubs tend to have better music than straight ones. plus it is a sunday an i have no desire to get dressed up to go anywhere so i can relax and slob around in my tennis shoes. Also voodoo is not over filled so there is more than enough room for space away from other people. It isnt like a sardine can where guys are squeezed against you.
  4. The Trannies at Voodoo Lounge

    Show me some pictures, or STFU. I bet you were that trannie.
  5. Let's hear names where they work and dirt on why you thought the bartenders were jerks, or jerkettes. IF you dont want to tell names just say where and what they did. At Voodoo I witnessed one of the bartenders get security and try to get a guy thrown out cus he was smoking by him.
  6. The Trannies at Voodoo Lounge

    quality not quantity is what counts
  7. The Trannies at Voodoo Lounge

    So I went out to voodoo lounge on a sunday first time ever been there. This big chunky trannie tried to pick me up and she said she wanted to go to my car and talk to me. I was like say what... And then she said to me Honey I'm not gonna do anything to you. Realistically if the trannie didn't want to do anything with me why would she want me to take her to my car. She either wanted to get it on, or rob me. I turned her down. story over