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  1. Party!!!!!!!

    but you wouldn't be able to get into your own party then loser
  2. PSA: You Suck

    That is all
  3. Rob the Bouncer tonight at B&N Chelsea

    Bouncers are the scum of the earth, so you can cross off that possibility. They are almost universally ugly and overweight losers who are on power trips. You pretend to like them and say hi so they give you preferential treatment, but no one likes bouncers. Also, as per that excerpt, the author is a really bad writer, not surprising considering his education likely ended with high school (probably a public high school at that).
  4. Rob the Bouncer tonight at B&N Chelsea

    Calling people "bro" is a dead give away for guido trash. Also, you pretty much admitted you were B&T garbage in your previous post.
  5. Rob the Bouncer tonight at B&N Chelsea

    haha. did you really just call me "bro" ? That right there exemplifies why I don't want to be around low class trash like you. I don't care if you don't cause trouble, you don't interact with me at all and you're there just to have fun. I don't enjoy being surrounded by low class, sweaty, greased up B&T trash. Your mere existence is an affront to my sensibilities and no real people want to be in a club anymore once the B&T hordes can get past the door. That is why B&T are the death of clubs, because once they arrive, all the real people pack up and leave.
  6. Rob the Bouncer tonight at B&N Chelsea

    the cycle is true, but it's sad. Once the celebs/big spenders/real human beings abandon a place, they should just close their doors instead of sliding into B&T filled shithole that disgraces anything good that the place ever was. Why can't outer borough people stay in their shitty boroughs to party, no one wants to hang out with them, or even have to pass them on the street.
  7. Rob the Bouncer tonight at B&N Chelsea

    hahah, Staten Island. Who would go to a club that lets in mongrel trash from SI?
  8. How is LeSouk

    it's been over for ages. Pretty lame now, plus they don't even accept AMEX so you have to pay with inferior credit cards. Most of the people on this board are tools, so if you fit the mold, for sure celebrate there.
  9. Just wanted to remind you nerds