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  1. Hey all Trance DJ's. I am setting up a Trance Dance, and am looking for talent to appear. I am not sure of the date yet, and any other details, however this is going to happen.. and soon. I am looking for talent to appear. Before I mention some of the specifics that have been solidified... let me assure those that might be interested... you will want to read this entire posting. This Trance Dance is going to be spectacular. The entertainment will not receive any money for performing... HOWEVER... This is the part you will want to read... There are going to be some big time promoters at the show and if youre good enough... look forward to a conversation or 2. Trust when I say that these people are always looking for fresh meat.(Sorry...this was not my quote) If you are interested... I will need a demo CD to send them. Emails will not be accepted. You need to send me a HARD COPY. Dress it up as you will... and make sure you tag it with your shtuff. In other words... make it pretty. Please note: If you wish to vocally tag your cd, that is fine too... but do NOT overdub the music. One last bit of info: The entire cd must be one track (Mixed). If you spin a trance riddled with Tribal sound, this will definately get you extra points and may even seal the deal. For a mailing address, please email me at [email protected] Thank you all who respond. Everyone will be notified of their standing with this event.(Whether they are good enough to appear) Please note that it is not only myself, but a panel of judges will be making the final decisions as to whom will be contacted to appear. DJ Muskles